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lajamy -> Configuring IDE (1/6/2005 9:10:28 AM)

I'M configuting a pc to have a dvd reader, a dvd writer and a hard drive. I want to set them up for optimum speed.
What should the master/ slave setups be?
Would using 80 wire cables help ?
Can both the primary and secondary IDE controllers make use of 80 wire speed ?
Would this setup work?
Install a pci ide controller so each device has their own channel
All drives set to master
Use 80 wire cables for three channels
All devices connected to the end of the 80 wire cable

Iggy -> RE: Configuring IDE (1/7/2005 2:45:51 AM)

What drives do you have?

Normaly 80pin can be used for all, however I have experience cases where a LiteOn didn't work with a 80pin cable.

In my opinion Set the HD as Primary Master and the Burner as Secondary Master.

If you are not interesting to copy files "on the fly", which personaly I avoid, set the DVD-ROM as Secndary slave.

The PCI IDE controllers are better for HDs not drives.[:)]

lajamy -> RE: Configuring IDE (1/7/2005 7:13:47 AM)

My DVd is an IBM brand DVD/CDRW and the Burner is a new (xmas present) Pioneer 108a.
I use TDK media.
I was recently getting reliable burns with a +r Phillips 2x burner but wanted to speed things up and get -r capability.
I also have a -/+r USB2 Sony and find my -r copies are much more compatible with my TV/DVD player.
While I was at replacing the drive I thought I would try to optomize the connections,etc.

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