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fernandes -> guyz how about... (1/4/2005 4:20:41 AM)

I am a not so happy..sort of confused future buyer of a graphics card...
There are so many to choose from and so little time to read and inform about the latest cards and their capabilities...
could someone help me?
I'm mainly interested in the "cheap" version of the "extreme" cards, like the Ati X series
and the Nvidia 6600 agp specifically..
Thanks for ur time, looking forward to hearing from u :)

Iggy -> RE: guyz how about... (1/4/2005 6:35:26 AM)

The 6600GT is agood and affortable solution. Btw what slot do you have, PCI-e or AGP?

fernandes -> RE: guyz how about... (1/5/2005 9:07:11 AM)

I just happen :) to have an agp graphics card slot.. I'm not able to keep up to the current demands of the market(buying a mobo with a PCI-e slot)..
I'm aware of the fact that the PCI-e are faster but I heard that they are to be held back fo some reason...
Also I want some intel about the 9800 vs 6600 GT card.. I heard that the 9800 Ati card is in many ways far better than the second.

SiliconFreak -> RE: guyz how about... (1/6/2005 7:16:30 AM)

Hello fernandes...[;)]

Here is my personal opinion about Your questions and everything...

1. Dont bother with buying PCI-e motherboard...they might promote it as best of the best...but its not like that...just look at some graphic card tests...You would soon realise that PCI-e versions arent more than some 5% faster than AGP (if at all! - because some are actually slower)...I just wonder if that was good move to go that fast from AGP to PCI-e, because AGP8x wasnt even pushed to its limits - I am sure there were still plenty of free space for some improvements...[:@][&:]... Also performance/price ratio for PCI-e products is way too high at the least wait few months until prices drop a bit...and also until all this chaos about them settles down...[8D][;)]

2. You said You wanna buy some cheap version of extreme cards...well...6600GT AGP sure is good buy at the moment...but dont know which X card from Radeon did You have in mind? 9800Xt? X800? X800XT? X850?[8D] Well...6600Gt sure is better than any 9800 doubt in that...but for others...You would need to do some "deeper comparation" of them...[:)][;)] I have included a link HERE to one of many comparation charts (this one is of PCI-e cards...but on the left side of the page You could find VGA CHARTS 4 which includes AGP cards charts...), so be my guest and check it out...[;)]

And wishes with picking Your next graphics card...and let us know which one You choose...also...if You have any more questions or anything...also ask...we will gladly help...[:)]



fernandes -> RE: guyz how about... (1/7/2005 5:13:46 AM)

thank u Silicon Freak about this rather illuminating response in my questions..This is some kind of answer I was looking for...I will check out the charts you linked me here, an I hope they help me to come to a clear conclusion about the graphics cards an their abilities to satisfy the average user without givin' to the stores and companies a whole load of money. :)
Be sure that you'll hear form me about my decision, which will most likely be thath of the 6600GT...

PS: another thing came to me right just now...
What about me buying an Xbox, now that they are at low price, and abandoning the idea of a new pc graph card( which I would use for gamin mostly..)
What say u about this?
sorry if I become tiresome or sth :)

SiliconFreak -> RE: guyz how about... (1/7/2005 9:07:25 AM)

Hello again! [;)]

I am glad I could help You at least a bit. Like You said...take Your time...look at charts...maybe find some other reviews on the Internet...and then decide what would be best for You...anddd...let me know later...(cause I am really curious how You will decide [:)])...with 6600GT You just cant miss at this moment...(although I personally prefer ATI cards...but must admit that 6600 and also 6800 are great cards too!). [;)]

About buying Xbox...this will be my personal opinion personally wont buy it...even if gaming is Your nr.1 on Your TopList...[:)]...because look from this side...the price of good graphic card (like 6600GT) and also price of Xbox are almost the same (at least as far as i know) in case You buy graphic card...You could do gaming...AND...also use computer for other purposes...but at Xbox...You could only play games(and few other things I believe - but nothing serious and complex)...[&:] Also...there are much more games for PC to choose from than for Xbox...also graphics at PC is much better (I know some people wouldnt agree with that...but I am 99.9% sure that its so!)...dont know for price difference between PC and Xbox games...but I guess Xbox ones are more expensive also...[8D] So thats the math...and see whats best...that was my opinion...but You may also buy Xbox...its great console...but...dont know...its Your decision to make...[:D][;)]

And finally...You arent becoming dont worry about that...I gladly help if only I if You have more questions...dont hesitate...just ask...[:)][;)]

Choose wisely and ENJOY! [;)]

fernandes -> RE: guyz how about... (1/7/2005 9:34:31 AM)

10x again Silicon Freak u've made up my mind about the choice :)
I'll stick to the Pc thing cause it's not just a gamer thingi it's also an investment...
so..about the graph card...this could really take some time...but I will see to it that u get to know first of my choice, to satisfy ur curiosity :)
that's all, did I say Happy new year? no? so there u go :)

SiliconFreak -> RE: guyz how about... (1/7/2005 11:07:51 AM)


I believe You wont be sorry with this decision...I really mean that investing into PC in still better than buying some Xbox-alike console...(although You still "lose" money-like at all such upgrades-which are-whether You like them or not-somehow URGENTLY NEEDED from time to time - not just in computer world...but also elsewere...electronics,etc,etc...the pace of inovation is just too fast in those areas...[&:][;)])...and You will also need new card within some 3-5 years if not sooner...but then again...what could You do with Xbox after 3-5 Years? Use it as some kind of decoration box...[8D][:D][:)])

Here You have another link that I found and which may help You with Your decisions...CLICK HERE...its a site with details for 200 graphic cards...check it out...[:)][;)]

Thank You for best wishes in 2005! I also wish You a VERY HAPPY, HEALTHY, PEACEFUL,LOVING,ETC ETC NEW YEAR 2005 and let all Your secret wishes come true! ENJOY! [;)]

fernandes -> RE: guyz how about... (1/21/2005 10:36:03 AM)

Silicon m8, I did it!!! I bought the MSI NX6600 GT!!!!
I found this solution cheap(relatively) and a good buy. I think it beats an XBox, since my interest is gaming :)
I haven't installed it yet, but I will as soon as I finish up working on sth else I'm into right now :)
I soon as I do that, u will get my feedback, 10x uz for making my choice easy. :)
happy gamin' for me :P

Iggy -> RE: guyz how about... (1/21/2005 10:39:15 AM)

Good purchase. 6600 is best value for money.

fernandes -> RE: guyz how about... (1/21/2005 10:42:47 AM)

10x Iggy :)
btw the moon(La Luna) isn't far from Jupiter, is it? :D take your astronaut shuit an pay me a visit :)
sorry for the lame post but I'm very happy for my new Graph Card :!!! :)

Iggy -> RE: guyz how about... (1/21/2005 10:48:10 AM)

No I don't need a shuit since I have a spaceship.

Btw here in Jupiter the prices are too low for VGAs and burners since it is 300 years old technology. Unfortunately they don't ship to earth, the tax rates are extremely high.[8D]

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