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burnbabyburn -> RE: NEC 6100A laptop burner Firmware (1/20/2007 1:16:44 PM)

Sorry about the delay, I didn't have access to the laptop over the week.  Anyways I got all the software downloaded and the 2 and 400 version of the flash.

So when I ran binflash it says the following, which still doesn't help me determine which version I should be using.  There has to be a better way then just randomly picking a file and hoping the program will let me know if its wrong.

Binflash - NEC GUI version - (C) by Liggy, Herrie and r-man
GUI version v1.37
Drive interface v1.34
NEC interface v1.36
NEC internal v1.37
Using Ricoh bitsetting commands

I took a dump of the current bin, but don't know if anything in there will tell me what it is since its just bytecode.  Any thoughts or know what the default from Dell would be?

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