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Elynduil -> Dual Layer compatible DVD-player (12/30/2004 9:15:04 PM)

First of all I would like to say that I'am from Sweden...so pardon my English.
I have recently start to burn Dual Layer DVD's and now it seems like my Philips DVP720SA can't read the Dual Layer DVD's.
I've burn three disks and I only get "No Disc" when I try to play them in my dvd.
But a friend of mine had no problem playing them in his Pioneer 575.
Soo...now I'm asking all of you if you can recomend any DVD-player that CAN play this kind of DVD-media.
I have looked into the Pioneer 575 and I've read the www.videohelp.com/dvdplayers list.
But I realy would like some feedback from you guys about this...

All answers would be much appreciated!

Iggy -> RE: Dual Layer compatible DVD-player (12/31/2004 7:57:38 AM)


Which burner did you use for burning those DL?

A very few percentage of standalone players support this DVD+R DL format. For this reason most manufacturers adapted the bitsetting feature where the disc can be identified as DVD-ROM instead of DVD+R DL. This increased the compatibility.[:)]

Elynduil -> RE: Dual Layer compatible DVD-player (12/31/2004 3:16:20 PM)

Thank you for the welcome!
I udes Nec 3500 to burn th DVD's.
Had no problem burning ordinary DVD's.
I've read about this Bit-Setting adventure...
Where do I make this change.....
I realy appreciate your help!

emperor -> RE: Dual Layer compatible DVD-player (1/2/2005 4:02:55 PM)

Just use 2.28 firmware to have Bitsetting[;)]

aman -> RE: Dual Layer compatible DVD-player (1/4/2005 5:12:18 AM)

I also have the same problem with DVD+R DL.
I have yet to buy a stand alone DVD player but I intend to do so in the next few days.
Emperor (or anyone else), are there any models that you would recommend ??


Iggy -> RE: Dual Layer compatible DVD-player (1/4/2005 6:32:00 AM)

Welcome dude. Pioneer DV-370 is cheap and with an excellent error correction. I personaly recomment it.[:)]

aman -> RE: Dual Layer compatible DVD-player (1/4/2005 6:48:56 AM)

Thanks Iggy. I just rang my local shop and he told me that no DVD player from any manufacturer is Dual Layer compatible.
Is it not an advertised selling point on players such as DV370 ??

aman -> RE: Dual Layer compatible DVD-player (1/4/2005 7:30:08 AM)

Just as another point, my friend has just told me that I can have his Philips DVP 520 for nothing. Is this any good to me ???

Iggy -> RE: Dual Layer compatible DVD-player (1/4/2005 9:54:17 AM)

As for compatibility don't forget to change the booktype for the DVD+R DL media to DVD-ROM before you burn them. Otherwise the discs will be unplayable. Very few players supports the DVD+R DL format.

I own the Pioneer that's why I recomment it.

Sorry I didn't understand what you mean by: "Is it not an advertised selling point on players such as DV370 ??".[8|]

As for Philips DVP 520 since it is for free then it is good. But in comparison to the 370 it is not.

Here is a review about the Pioneer DV-370.[:)]

aman -> RE: Dual Layer compatible DVD-player (1/4/2005 10:07:35 AM)

Sorry for the confusion Iggy. I was wondering why the players that can play DL DVDs do not advertise this fact. If I knew this in the shop, I would buy one.

I will check the booktype is set correctly and burn a new DVD+R DL.

If I do this correctly, is it likely to play on this DVP 520 ?

Would it play on your DV-370 ?

Sorry for the questions. Cheers,Ian

Iggy -> RE: Dual Layer compatible DVD-player (1/4/2005 11:37:09 AM)

Sorry, my english is not too good.[:)]

If you change the booktype to DVD-ROM then the disc it will be playable in 99,99% of players.[:D]

Yes in 370 it will since as I said I have it. But also it will in 520 ( however don't forget the 99.99%[:D]).

Do as many question you like, that's the reason of forums.[;)]

aman -> RE: Dual Layer compatible DVD-player (1/5/2005 2:55:22 AM)

Hi Iggy.
First up, your English is great. I am glad you can understand me. My only other language is German.

I did not get to the computer last night as my family needed me all last night. However, my friend did bring round the DVP 520. I tried the previous DVD+R DL and it did not work, as I already expected.
However, I have downloaded DVDinfopro and will use it to change the booktype to DVD-ROM. After that, I will burn a another DVD+R DL and hope that it one of the 99.99% of discs that works OK !![:)]

Thanks for your help. I will let you know how I get on.

By the way, I have a Sony DRU 710A for a drive, using DVD Shrink 3.2 and Nero 6 SE.
The media is Trackdata, I think.

Iggy -> RE: Dual Layer compatible DVD-player (1/5/2005 5:15:25 AM)

Also tray Kprobe for bitsetting.

As for 99.99% percentage goes to the players not to media. [:D]

Before burning the DL media make sure many times for the booktype, don't waste an expensive media.

Iggy -> RE: Dual Layer compatible DVD-player (1/5/2005 5:17:52 AM)

710 and Traxdata had a problem when tried in CDRinfo's review. Make sure to update your firmware and the software versions.

aman -> RE: Dual Layer compatible DVD-player (1/5/2005 6:58:09 AM)

Thanks Iggy

What a fantastic amount of information in the reviews section. Great site !
Have downloaded Kprobe as well now and will have a look in the shops for some alternative media.

Iggy -> RE: Dual Layer compatible DVD-player (1/5/2005 7:44:04 AM)

If you still have a Traxdata DL it worths to give it a try with the latest firmware since Traxdata are affortable, almost.[:D]

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