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ziggenation -> Raven Shield- "overburn" WHAT?? (3/20/2003 4:08:38 AM)

hey- i just got the new rainbow six- raven shield, just came out yesterday. so i go to clonyxxl- nothing. then i try some other protection dectection software, tells me it's "overburn" protection. so waht the hell is that? and how do i burn it? thanks.

Clint -> RE: Raven Shield- "overburn" WHAT?? (3/20/2003 7:47:14 AM)

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Scan now.

Overburn means writing past the officail CD capacity, a very, very lame/easy copy protection. Usually the game is just that big nowadays that it does in fact fill up the CD (s) entirely...
A standard 80min CD will see you through, however, I highely doubt that title would be unprotected.

bitbitmail -> RE: Raven Shield- "overburn" WHAT?? (3/23/2003 4:45:02 AM)


I just wanted to add that I made a backup copy of my Raven Shield. I used the latest Alcohol 120% and set it up for SD2. I basically used the settings that were mentioned for backing up SimCity4. I copied it the exact same way, so check on how to do that and use the same settings for this and it should work. Good luck!

bitbitmail -> RE: Raven Shield- "overburn" WHAT?? (3/24/2003 1:06:24 PM)

Just to add a little more, after I did more thorough testing the disk seems to work only in half the drives I try it in. So back to the drawing board. Since I'm a newbie, hopefully one of the more experienced people here can figure it out. [:)]

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