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SiliconFreak -> UK Teen Sentenced For Randex Virus ! (12/21/2004 5:36:58 PM)

A teenager has been given a suspended sentence for involvement with Randex - a penalty some feel isn't steep enough

A British teenager has been sentenced for his part in writing and distributing the Randex worm which turned infected PCs into 'zombies', controlled by spammers and designed to send out vast quantities of unsolicited email.

The creation of 'bot-nets' has become a prolific weapon in the arsenal of professional spammers and their creation through the distribution of worms and Trojans has become big business for virus writers.

In this case the British teen is believed to have been part of an international gang, based in Canada, Europe and the US. The Randex worm is also thought to be behind a series of distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks which crippled ISPs in October 2003.

The 16-year-old, who cannot be named for legal reasons, was handed a six-month suspended sentence at South Cheshire juvenile court, leading one security expert to suggest he escaped lightly because of his age.

Graham Cluley, senior technology consultant at Sophos, said whatever age the perpetrator it's important the authorities don't "turn a blind eye". Cluley cited figures which suggested the DDoS attacks alone cost businesses around $2m.

The conviction follows the arrest in May of another teenage suspect based in Canada.

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Cooler -> RE: UK Teen Sentenced For Randex Virus ! (12/22/2004 7:50:36 AM)

Better way to punish spammers and virus/malware/spyware/trojan writers:
Public flogging with slashes of (age of defendant in full years)*(amount of damage in euro's) PLUS sentence of (insert age of defendant here) years... without a possibility of parole. THAT would be a good start! [>:]

SiliconFreak -> RE: UK Teen Sentenced For Randex Virus ! (12/22/2004 9:55:42 AM)

I agree [;)]...but in that case...rather start hiding in some hole (maybe Saddam may gave You some clues about best hideouts [8D])...becuase otherwise You will spend many years in Alcatraz...without parole...just paying out debt to community...[:)][:D][8D][;)]

Cya...Alcatraz Nr.12007...[:)][:D]

Cooler -> RE: UK Teen Sentenced For Randex Virus ! (12/23/2004 7:24:43 AM)

Oh... but of course the sentence includes countless hours of hard labor per day for paying debts! [;)]

SiliconFreak -> RE: UK Teen Sentenced For Randex Virus ! (12/23/2004 10:52:29 AM)

Ohhhhh...sorry to hear that....then You are in even worse situation...I hope they dont get You...better quickly hide...[8D][:D][:)][;)]

Cooler -> RE: UK Teen Sentenced For Randex Virus ! (12/23/2004 11:36:04 PM)

I've got nothing to worry. [:)]

SiliconFreak -> RE: UK Teen Sentenced For Randex Virus ! (12/24/2004 5:44:44 PM)

Never be 100% sure in todays up-side-down world we live You are on the top...tomorrow You are beggar on the street...or vice versa (just love that word....vice vice...versaaaaaaa [:D])...

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