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SiliconFreak -> Geforce 6200TC Works Slowly With 512MB Memory ! (12/21/2004 8:22:15 AM)

Our Dutch friend, winner of the INQ 2004 fashion award, has noticed something about 6200TC that many other people haven’t. When he tested NV44, Geforce 6200TC he didn’t want to follow Nvidia's master plan. Nvidia advised people to use fast CPUs and 1024 MB of memory. That’s not any kind of entry level system to us.

A normal entry level system these days comes with 512MB and it is natural to choose this amount of memory for testing rather than 1024 MB.

It turns out that X300SE gets very competitive in Half Life 2 when you use 512MB of memory. When using 1024MB of RAM, the Nvidia 6200TC is the clear winner over X300SE. With 1024MB in Doom 3 Geforce 6200TC scores 20.9 FPS, while when you use 512MB, the performance drops three times to a rather pathetic and non payable 6 FPS. Oops.

Futuremark 3Dmark03 and 05 are not affected by the amount of memory. After all it turns out that there is a dark side to Turbo Cache marchitecture.

You can check the whole story here.

Source : TheInquirer

Cooler -> RE: Geforce 6200TC Works Slowly With 512MB Memory ! (12/22/2004 8:02:02 AM)

Who in their right mind would be satisfied with less than 1GB anyways? [8D]
Wait! Earlier in this year I was... [:@]
But then again... "satisfied" is a strong word, eh? [;)]

SiliconFreak -> RE: Geforce 6200TC Works Slowly With 512MB Memory ! (12/22/2004 10:04:14 AM)

Easy for You to say that NOW![:)][;)] Think some month angry You were...thinking that Your ram is not working...[:D][8D]

Btw...You dont need to worry about that Gb or two...because if my memory serves me well...You are up to 6600GT, not 6200TC...[;)]

Cooler -> RE: Geforce 6200TC Works Slowly With 512MB Memory ! (12/23/2004 7:28:34 AM)

Yup, GF6600GT is way to go! [:)]
Hopefully the change of my status (from "Unemployed" to "Retired") will not interfere with my update schedule... [:o]
It certainly comes at bad time... [:-]

SiliconFreak -> RE: Geforce 6200TC Works Slowly With 512MB Memory ! (12/23/2004 10:59:10 AM)

Woww...lucky You...You sure know how to jump....[8D][:D]...tell me how shall I also achieve that, because right now I am right in the middle somewhere, with "Working" status, caring for both "Unemployed" and "Retired" ones (so I guess You are also on my paylist [8D])... [:)]

And why bad time? Isnt it nice to have all free time in the world and get paid for doing nothing at all!? [:D][;)] (And if You wish...You may even do some part time jobs....and earn even more $$$...nothing nicer than that I guess...[;)])

Btw...whats better be unemployed or retired? (I mean from financial benefit? Where do You get more money support?)

Have a nice day...bye.[;)]

Cooler -> RE: Geforce 6200TC Works Slowly With 512MB Memory ! (12/23/2004 11:52:53 PM)

Either my financial status stays the same or it may get a little bit better, but I don't know yet.

How you can achieve this? Oh, you don't want to do that! If you want, let's make a trade: Your health for me... and my retirement for you. Not so interested anymore, are you? [:'(]

Bad timing... well, transition may have some undesired effect for my incomes, because all that paperwork has to be done... and I hate paperwork! Remember when computers were advertized to free us from endless paperwork? [:-]

Erm... Looks like I have a bad habit of challenging the boudaries of board areas here?!
Perhaps these blabberings of mine should be moved to "Free Discussion"? [:D]

SiliconFreak -> RE: Geforce 6200TC Works Slowly With 512MB Memory ! (12/24/2004 6:39:17 PM)

Ohh...I I personally wish the second option to come true for You...(to bennefit more-get more $$$!) [;)]

Trade? What trade? No trade then...[:)]...well...its like this...what is somehow destined to get to will sooner or later catch we never know what tomorrow will bring...[8|]...we just need to live with what destiny gets us...and even if I am OK at the moment...I may never be sure what mrs.Destiny has written in her book under my name for tomorrow....just hoping for the best...and also for all the people around the world...[;)] Dont know what health problems You are dealing with...but I wish You all the best in dealing with them and try to keep them at minimum (if they cannot be totally eliminated)...and look from the bright side...we are all alive...isnt that such nice smile...and to talk and also to make jokes here at CDRInfo...what a blessing...[:D][;)]

And dont remind me of paperwork...its also killing me lately...and those ads were just bunch of lies...someone should pay for that...the computers are just the forklifts that are now used to load even more paperwork on our backs...[8D][:D][:@]

And Your "bad habbits"...we are discussing about opening special forum category just 4 You..."Keep Your 'Ware Cool With Cooler's"...what do You think? [8D][:D][:)] *JUST KIDDING - Dont take it seriously...but then again...good idea...[:D][;)]*

Cya around and take care.[;)]

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