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Icebird -> Will updating solve this problem? (3/4/2003 10:03:27 PM)

I have a Philips CD burner 32x12x8 or thereabouts that is around a year old. It has begun locking up my computer and making clicking noises now and then. The other day I was installing some software and the drive shot open with the CD spinning madly in the tray. I am using Windows 98SE. This has happend both on my old system (P3 500) and my new one (P4 2.4G). Is it possible that a firmware upgrade would solve this problem or should I just go buy another drive?

Icebird -> RE: Will updating solve this problem? (3/7/2003 4:50:59 PM)

Well as I had nothing to lose I updated it, and it did not fix the problem. The drive is dead, Jim.

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