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robjjd -> IDE controller...Burning with Nero continued (12/11/2004 9:21:42 PM)

I think I may have located where the problem lies, now how do I fix it???? it seems when I uninstalled and then tried to reinstall the drivers for my Secondary IDE it tells me that the drivers that it detected are not for this format or something like that. I am fairly new to updating drivers when its straight forward where you click and everything is done for you, so where can I get the proper drivers that I need? [:(] My board is a p4p800SE and I have an Intel P4 2.8 GHz

MP3Mogul -> RE: IDE controller...Burning with Nero continued (12/12/2004 12:57:36 PM)

You merely have to delete the secondary and primary IDE channel, let windows reinstall them, and you should have the correct drivers.

janet4970 -> RE: IDE controller...Burning with Nero continued (1/7/2005 2:02:55 PM)

how do you start to burn movies on a widows xp?

SiliconFreak -> RE: IDE controller...Burning with Nero continued (1/10/2005 4:56:16 PM)

Hi Janet and welcome to our forum! [;)]

How do You start? depends...which type of movies to burn? where to burn (cd,dvd,...)? Which burning program (is any) You use (or would like to use),...etc etc...

So be more specific about what kind of movies would You like to burn and where to...?

Anyway...I guess You cant miss with some Nero or any similar program like DVDXCOPY for DVD's...[;)]

Like I said...tell me more about what exactly would You like to I could provide more step-by-step details also (because otherways i might write for hours about burning issues and other related info...but I guess that wont be of any help neither [8D][:D])....

And maybe MP3Mogul could help here also...I know he is more into music and MP3s...but...since he is IT Department Head...he should have some general knowledge to answer such questions...[8D][:D][:)][;)]

Enjoy Janet...and have a nice time here...glad to have You onboard...[;)]


MP3Mogul -> RE: IDE controller...Burning with Nero continued (1/10/2005 5:03:28 PM)

You will need a software burning application, such as Nero, and if you are backing up protected films (retail) then you will need a decrypter, such as DVD Decrypter or DVD Shrink.

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