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mackemsrule -> Transcoding to Dvd problem (12/8/2004 6:02:59 AM)

Hi everytime i try to get an Avi,mpeg,kvcd etc file off my hard drive onto dvd the program i'm using just restarts the computer.I've tried nerovision,dvd moviefactory dvd santa and virtually every other program i could find. i've even changed op/system from win2000 to xp even the video card can anyone help please?
thanx in advance

arith -> RE: Transcoding to Dvd problem (12/8/2004 7:18:06 AM)

I think you need to identify if it's a software issue or hardware issue.

What do you mean to get avi files off your hard drive onto DVD?
Do you mean you want to burn them as DATA and burn onto DVD media?
Or you want to convert them to DVD Movie and burn them onto DVD media?

mackemsrule -> RE: Transcoding to Dvd problem (12/10/2004 7:57:27 AM)

Hiya got some files on my drive that i want to put onto dvd, they are in dif formats .avi .mpeg and divx. but whatever program i use it just restarts 5 mins into converting them.i've tried nearly every prog going.i've also upgraded my system new hard drive video card cpu and memory,even installed a new op system but its still doing it

arith -> RE: Transcoding to Dvd problem (12/12/2004 9:31:11 PM)

If you are going to backup them as data instead of DVD movie, make sure you select DVD Data in nero.

If you are going to convert them to DVD Movie, I would suggest to use TMPGEnc DVD Author rather than Nero.

Iggy -> RE: Transcoding to Dvd problem (12/13/2004 6:29:30 AM)

Yes you cannot burn them straight as DVD-Video. You'll have to convert them in such a format or burn them as data, which however it would be unplayable in non PC stand alone players.

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