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SiliconFreak -> ATi’s Dangerous Curves Demo ! (12/3/2004 11:43:53 AM)

ATi has kicked out another demo featuring the lovely (well, for a CGI chick anyhow) Ruby. The Dangerous Curves demo features snazzy effects like real-time motion-blur and, according to ATi, “precomputed radiance transfer technology delivers realistic lighting and is a compelling demonstration of the cinematic experience that is possible on today’s 3D graphics hardware”. The demo weighs in at 147MB for the .EXE, 8.1MB for the MPG and 32MB for the Quicktime version.

"Dangerous Curves" continues the adventures of ATI’s heroine, Ruby. During this 45 second sequence, Ruby has to avoid Optico’s automated drones intent on her demise. A high speed motorcycle chase ensues through a gritty tunnel, punctuated by yet another explosive conclusion.

Source: HardOcp

Cooler -> RE: ATi’s Dangerous Curves Demo ! (12/4/2004 2:20:36 AM)

Funny how those filesized are so much different!:

EXE: 147MB 12hrs 40min @ 28.8K
MPG: 8.1MB 42min @ 28.8K
Quicktime: 31.9MB 2hrs 45min @ 28.8K

QT is poor format, yes... but why even EXE version is so huge?! [8|]

SiliconFreak -> RE: ATi’s Dangerous Curves Demo ! (12/4/2004 9:53:06 AM)

Its very simple and logical, Cooler...[;)]...because in MPG and QT formats this demo is nothing more than pre-recorded video (with everything even more compressed in MPG)...capable of being played in almost every computer with WinAmp alike program installed...[:)][8D]

...but in EXE format (actually this EXE file is its even bigger when its installed) its a full program, which also includes everything needed to calculate and display in 3D-real time (algorhytms,etc etc...)...because this demo uses real-time motion-blur, glows and precomputed radiance transfer (PRT) technology delivers realistic lighting and is a compelling demonstration of the cinematic experience that is possible on today’s 3D graphics hardware...[:)]

So...I guess thats it...only one more notice...only download EXE file in case You have X800XT or X850XT installed... otherways You wont be able to run it! In case You dont have those cards installed...try downloading MPG or QT formats...they should work fine also....but they wont look that GREAT there as they do from EXE...[8D][:)][;)]

ENJOY! [;)]

Cooler -> RE: ATi’s Dangerous Curves Demo ! (12/6/2004 3:03:15 AM)

Oh... but I thought it was exactly the same demo in different packages, so I wondered how MPEG+player results a whopping 147MB.

SiliconFreak -> RE: ATi’s Dangerous Curves Demo ! (12/7/2004 9:16:06 AM)

I guess this is becoming to complicated for my average brain...[8D] I advice You to contact those special people at ATI and ask them about that...I am sure they will give You more detailed explanation (if they ever reply to Your email offcourse [:)])...and one more thing...its not only MPG+Player in EXE file...the final product of running this EXE demo could be MPG file (if there were such options) like I said (and I hope I am right)...there are all issues needed to render those images+all details about all objects used in demo, inside this when its calculates, renders and displays all objects in real time (which is FAR more complicated work to do than by only running MPG in some player which only needs to show PIC-by-PIC of already finalized product - of EXE file in our case)...[:)][:D][;)][8D]

But I do admit that its strange that its 147MB long...because those objects info and other stuff shouldnt take 100MB more than running in MPG or QT formats...[8|]

Like I said...ask ATI if You really need to know...I doesnt matter to me if its 1MB or 1Gb long as its works fine....becauseeeee...MB or rather GB-to-$ ratio is very favourable those who gives a damn...lets just buy 2 or 3 more 250 (or even 400) Gb HDD's and we are in the game again...[8D][:)]


Cooler -> RE: ATi’s Dangerous Curves Demo ! (12/7/2004 5:33:35 PM)

No more ATI for me - I've been nVidia user after I got pissed off everlasting mess-up called ATI drivers! I'm not interested enough even to e-mail ATI for some poor demo... [8|]

SiliconFreak -> RE: ATi’s Dangerous Curves Demo ! (12/8/2004 8:18:27 AM)

Hahahaha...You said that fair enough...and although I've been ATI fan...I dont have nothing against Nvidia fans...(got to admit that 6800Ultra looks quite sexy [:)][;)])...

I just dont know why everyone talks about some problems with ATI drivers!? I havent experienced any in more than 2 dunno...I know there are some fixes that are fixed occasionally...but thats same as at Nvidia...but nothing major happened to me to prevent me from playing or working...[:)][;)] which OS did You experienced ATI drivers problems? Windows,Linux,...? (ohh...I just remembered...the Linux was their weak point a while ago...but they are slowly catching I guess You use it too,huh? [8D]...because at Wins...everything works smooth & sexy [:)]).

Anyway...if You are happy with Nvidia now...then everything is fine...dont worry about what others long as everything works for You as You expected before buying this card...[;)]


Cooler -> RE: ATi’s Dangerous Curves Demo ! (12/8/2004 9:10:04 PM)

OS? From Win95 to Win98SE, plus Win2K.
Oh... and ATI had a bad reputation about short life span (I.E. support) for their products...

Next upgrade for me (at next week, if possible) is from GF4 MX440 series card to 6600GT AGP. [:)]

SiliconFreak -> RE: ATi’s Dangerous Curves Demo ! (12/9/2004 9:51:01 AM)

You picked the right card (although I would go for X850XT PE [:)][;)])...and about OS problems...forget about 95,98 and Win2K....go for XP SP2...I am using it for quite awhile now....and no problems till now...not with OS...not with drivers...nothing...(knocking on wood)...[:)][;)]

Cooler -> RE: ATi’s Dangerous Curves Demo ! (12/10/2004 12:21:23 AM)

No, I don't want or need MS EyeCandyXP! Win2K is more efficient! [:)]
XP is same kind of "skip" product as WinME was: Made for look good at cost of usability. [8|]

Funny fact:
I'm "watching over" X amount of computers and while most of them are non-XP computers, XP is the reason for over 95% of all troubles I have to handle! [:(]

SiliconFreak -> RE: ATi’s Dangerous Curves Demo ! (12/10/2004 10:34:03 AM)

Hahahaa...ok ok...I agree...but isnt it ok that way?...doesnt a program (or OS) also need to looks nice than to only perform good? How would You be delighted with some MSDOS3.1 alike OS (even if it would be fast like fastest OS in the world)? I guess that You'll be criticizing its appearance then...[8D][:)]

I guess the best is to have just the right balance between speed and appearance (and also security and everything else offcourse)...and my personal opinion is that XP is better than 2K...although this could be neverending story...because 2K users will praise 2K...and XP users will praise XP...[:)] I am also aware that XP may cause You many problems...but from what I some of my friends do with it...i.e...rather to properly uninstal programs...they just delete the folders of program (and they think thats all)...or manually adjust things in register and stuff....then its only a matter of time when their XP will lock up 4 good...[8D][:D]

Like I said...I havent had any serious troubles with it...and dont give a DAM* about what others say and do...[:)]...and as long Your 2K also serves You as it should...its OK also...You stick with 2K...I'll stick with XP...and end of story...[:D][;)]

Hahahahahaha...funny funny...maybe we should be working in some Circus together...[:)][8D][:D]


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