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mosshead -> Sticky VCD's (11/30/2004 11:33:31 AM)

I'm new to this DVD lark so i don't know if this is a really silly problem but here it is, whenever i convert an AVI to VCD or DVD it always sticks every few seconds when played back either on the PC or DVD player ,i've tried Winavi and some Cucusoft program both with the same results anyone got any idea's as to what causing it...


emperor -> RE: Sticky VCD's (11/30/2004 1:43:02 PM)

as far i understand there is a sync out of sound/movie, i dont' know how to fix this[&:][:(]

arith -> RE: Sticky VCD's (11/30/2004 9:55:27 PM)

Have you check the original AVI? Does it also have the same problem or not?

arith -> RE: Sticky VCD's (11/30/2004 9:58:11 PM)

There are still some questions I want to ask.
What's the codec for the original AVI?
And which version of the codec is installed on your computer?

I would suggest to install the latest codec and then to convert AVI to DVD again.

mosshead -> RE: Sticky VCD's (12/1/2004 11:44:21 AM)

The AVI's play fine no freezes etc, the codec is divx, as far i know i have the latest version, i've also just tried TMPGEnc with the same results.....

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