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SiliconFreak -> Woman Blows $950k On Amex Card ! (11/26/2004 5:57:20 PM)

A New York woman who ran up debts of $951,000 on her Amex account is sueing the company for $2m for allowing her to hammer the plastic, Newsday reports.

Antoinette Millard, 40, says American Express should have realised she was mentally incompetent when she opened the sky's-the-limit Centurion account. Her court filing states that American Express "knew or should have known that [Millard] was acting impulsively and and irrationally at the time she entered into contract". She cites anorexia, depression, panic attacks and "head tumors" as contributory factors to her mental incompetence.

American Express has obtained a court order freezing $951,000 in assets belonging to the former vice president at the Brown Brothers Harriman investment bank. To add to Millard's woes, she is currently on $100,000 bail awaiting trial on grand larceny charges after attempting to relieve an insurance company of $262,000 for jewellery she claims was stolen, but allegedly sold. If convicted, she faces up to 15 years' jail.

Source : TheInquirer

Cooler -> RE: Woman Blows $950k On Amex Card ! (11/27/2004 8:02:29 AM)

Get credit card, spend all you want... and sue credit card company because of it (and possibly earn money from whole scam)?
Only in america... [8|]

SiliconFreak -> RE: Woman Blows $950k On Amex Card ! (11/27/2004 10:37:22 AM)

[8D][:D][:)][;)] is all I can say.

Lets apply for Amex cards guys...its pays off in couple of days+new villa in Hawaii+brand new Mercedes SLR+fastest IBM computer in the world++++++++++...so its worth it...alotttttt...[:)]

SithTracy -> RE: Woman Blows $950k On Amex Card ! (11/27/2004 12:41:33 PM)

A possible "priceless" MasterCard commercial...

... Recognizing a gold digging, skinny, depressed, impulse buying, American women in a mid-life crisis (represented by Dewey, Cheatum, & Howe) and sending her an AMEX application instead; Priceless!

SiliconFreak -> RE: Woman Blows $950k On Amex Card ! (11/27/2004 5:38:01 PM)

You got the point, SithTracy [:)][;)] Pricelessssssssssssssssssss...hahahaha...[:D]

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