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Halcyon -> RE: A08 vs CATS (11/26/2004 3:51:23 AM)


If DVD Info Pro is working properly already with Pio drives and Pio drive is really reporting the error rates it is seeing, those are some remarkable good readers Pioneer makes.

Of course, the correlation with CATS is not high, but I'm not necessarily bothered about that.

Thanks for the tests as always!

emperor -> RE: A08 vs CATS (11/27/2004 2:18:30 PM)

Interesting tests, Pio 108 seems to report so low error rates, of course minos more tests should be done with the other discs too

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rtristelune -> RE: A08 vs CATS (11/30/2004 11:46:21 AM)


Does it mean it is good ??
Does the Pioneer DVR-108 has the same features as the A08 (DVD scans) ?

Thanks !

Halcyon -> RE: A08 vs CATS (11/30/2004 3:30:20 PM)

Hmm... I wonder what's with the odd spikes: singular, isolated, very high error spikes on scans that are otherwise quite low in error levels?

Am I the only one who feels they are somewhat odd?

emperor -> RE: A08 vs CATS (12/2/2004 6:09:12 PM)

i think the spikes with DL media are at the layer change...maybe minos should do a tranfer rate test also to see if there is speed drop at that point

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emperor -> RE: A08 vs CATS (12/7/2004 5:20:05 PM)

strange error reporting then...high spikes around layer brake but nothing showed at the cdspeed! [&:]

muchin -> RE: A08 vs CATS (1/9/2005 2:05:02 PM)



I also try to scan with Pioneer and CDSpeed but I couldn't.

It is now possible
Please read this post by Erik Deppe
I am looking forward to your test results with CDSpeed

emperor -> RE: A08 vs CATS (1/9/2005 6:03:57 PM)

Hehe, interesting that Pioneer drives are blocked, we will wait until they supported official from CDSpeed

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