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chul2! -> Lots of confusion! (11/19/2004 12:05:39 PM)

I am very confused with all the information on this forum, what is the difference between WINHIIP and HDL DUMB? They seem to both allow me to install games onto my hd? I have heard that WINHIIP can do networking with my ps2, so I can transfer over the network? Does anyone know how to do this? Finally, I have 3-4 games right now that are scratched, and they only ocasionally work. Thanks in advance.

chul2! -> RE: Lots of confusion! (11/19/2004 12:36:32 PM)

Ok I downloaded hdl_dumb 0.7.3 Windows GUI build (is that the right one for windows XP??) And I see that there are some numbers where it says networking server, at: and then it has some numbers. Are these just default numbers or is that my ps2's ip adress? For some reason when I click attach it takes like 20 seconds and then comes up with a window that says: "A connection attempt failed because the connected part did not properly respond after a period of time, or established connection failed because connected host has failed to respond." Should I have any specific disk in my ps2 when trying this? (yes my ps2 is on with no disc in it) Finally, what are the compatibility flags for? How do I know when to use them? I'm a but confused here...

Iggy -> RE: Lots of confusion! (11/19/2004 1:12:10 PM)

Yes you wright, the whole situation is a kind of confused, that's why I never try my luck with consoles.[:D]

chul2! -> RE: Lots of confusion! (11/19/2004 1:32:47 PM)

I see. But consoles are a lot cheaper than buying a super fast pc for games.

Iggy -> RE: Lots of confusion! (11/19/2004 1:34:44 PM)

I totaly agree with you, I wish I had the opportunity for a console.[&o]

MD8 -> RE: Lots of confusion! (11/19/2004 1:56:28 PM)

I'm not sure how to transfer games over the network, the easiest way is to just hook up your harddrive to the computer, but be sure not to format it or it will erase evertthing. I'll try to find a guide or something for you.

chul2! -> RE: Lots of confusion! (11/19/2004 2:02:35 PM)

The problem is that I already have 2 hard drives in my computer (I use it for video editing-13gb per hr!) Is there any way to have a third one?

MD8 -> RE: Lots of confusion! (11/19/2004 2:05:56 PM)

I'm not sure, I think it depends on your motherboard.

Hey I sent you a PM, check your inbox.

chul2! -> RE: Lots of confusion! (11/19/2004 2:08:20 PM)

Found this: http://forums.afterdawn.com/thread_view.cfm/1/122897 But is it really that complicated? From the looks of hdl dump it doesn't seem that way?

MD8 -> RE: Lots of confusion! (11/19/2004 2:15:45 PM)

Wow, seems hard to do. Emperor knows a lot, maybe he knows an easier way to do it.

chul2! -> RE: Lots of confusion! (11/20/2004 10:37:16 AM)

Na I don't think he's done any networking.

chul2! -> RE: Lots of confusion! (11/21/2004 12:19:09 AM)

Does anyone know an easier way?

chul2! -> RE: Lots of confusion! (11/24/2004 12:49:15 AM)


chul2! -> RE: Lots of confusion! (11/27/2004 9:48:04 PM)

Anyone know?????????

chul2! -> RE: Lots of confusion! (11/28/2004 1:23:50 AM)

Guess no one's there...

chul2! -> RE: Lots of confusion! (11/28/2004 5:55:50 PM)

Is anyone there?

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