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Jelmer -> Bad performance watching DVD's on PC (11/5/2004 9:15:29 AM)


I browsed this forum a bit to find some info about the problem i'm having, but couldn't find it, so i'm opening a new thread. Thanks to this site I got myself a NEC3500AG a few months ago, but i'm not real happy yet:

The problem is, when watching DVD movies on my pc, the sound is not in sync with the characters. What I mean is, for instance when someone speaks, the sound is not correct with his lips (i'm not English, hopefully I describe it correctly)

It doesn't matter if it's a original DVD or a copy, happens with both. I did notice that it does seems ok after an hour or so...

Does this have something to do with some buffers or something? Maybe the sound can't keep up with the video or the other way around?

Also, when watching DVD's the picture stutters a bit, it's not fluent. Especially when for instance the scene has a car driving by slowly you can see it very clearly that it stutters, it doesn't play smoothly like on my tv. Maybe this has something to with sound problem I described above? I use PowerDVD 5 and sometimes M$ Mediaplayer 10, but the problem is in both.

I was thinking to rip all the movies I want to watch to the harddisk, and play it from there, but thats a lot of work to do each time.

Any ideas how to improve this? Is this maybe a simple codec or something I have to install. Thanks a lot.

My system:
Asus P4C800E
P4 3.2 @ 3.6
1 gig Corsair TwinX RAM
XFX GeForce 6800 Ultra
NEC 3500AG DVD player/writer

G_IvanAwfulitch -> RE: Bad performance watching DVD's on PC (11/5/2004 1:31:04 PM)

Well way back when I and my son-in-law installed aDVD-Rom in my Moms puter. Video card wasn't good enough to handle it. We got another card and used the Power Dvd software that came with the unit. We had to play around a lot with video settings to get it to NOT jump, stop or get the sound to match lip movement. It had a big ole 433Mhz processer and 64 mb of memory. (Boy those were the days ) Maybe you can get a local Geek to see if he can get yous smoothed out for you. Have a good stock of twinkies handy. [;)]

Iggy -> RE: Bad performance watching DVD's on PC (11/5/2004 2:41:16 PM)

I had the same problem with a Jetway motherboard I had, where both Video and Audio card were on board. As you can imagine that was my problem. In another PC I have a AGP VGA, MX440, and a Gigabyte M/B and I have no problems at all.[:)]

eleajar -> RE: Bad performance watching DVD's on PC (11/9/2004 1:57:37 AM)

check if you have DMA disabled. WinXP disables DMA mode if the reader is trying to read from a disc and fails... To enable it, you have to uninstall and reinstall the IDE channel

Jelmer -> RE: Bad performance watching DVD's on PC (11/14/2004 2:16:03 PM)

Nevermind. I installed the new PowerDVD 6, and now it's all fine!

Also the quality seems much more better with PowerDVD 6!

I'm happy.

Iggy -> RE: Bad performance watching DVD's on PC (11/15/2004 2:10:03 AM)

Your drive is definately good so no doubt for it.[;)]

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