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Deleted User -> [Deleted] (11/5/2004 5:28:35 AM)

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SiliconFreak -> RE: F-16 strafes New Jersey school (11/5/2004 6:07:45 AM)

[8D] Very interesting reading Ionian [8D]

Is that 4 real or is this some kind of 1st of April Joke? [:D][:)]

Anyway...just wonder...WHAT THE HE** does that kind of news have to do with GENERAL COMPUTING NEWS??? [8D][:D][:)][;)]

Take care everyone...andddddddddddd...dont run on schools roofs (even less if You are bearded [8D])...because...USA Army may think that You are some relative to mr. O.B.L. and bomb the he** out of you...[:)][;)]

Iggy -> RE: F-16 strafes New Jersey school (11/5/2004 6:41:54 AM)

It is common for US airforce. Now they will anounce that there was information about enemy forces in this school, as they were always saying in Iraq, or I am wrong?[:D][;)]

emperor -> RE: F-16 strafes New Jersey school (11/5/2004 7:03:42 AM)

Thanks god no-one was injured...[8|]

SiliconFreak -> RE: F-16 strafes New Jersey school (11/5/2004 12:31:25 PM)

Yeah,Iggy, I suppose there were members of Al-Zarqawi's terrorist network that were having the meeting in that school...[8D][:D][:)] (they relocated from Iraq to Usa because they feel more safe in the States) [:)]

And on the other (more serious side), I agre with You emperor...Thanks God there were no injured people...[8|]

Take care...[;)]

Iggy -> RE: F-16 strafes New Jersey school (11/5/2004 2:53:41 PM)


Hopefully no innocents were injured.

However I really mourn of the pilot. I am sure that it was a terrible mistake and unfortunately military cannot forgive such mistakes.

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