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SpiderX1016 -> Dual Layer??? (11/3/2004 7:29:09 PM)

if there was something that was dual layered and the size was 4.39gb could i burn it on a single layer dvd?

Iggy -> RE: Dual Layer??? (11/4/2004 1:29:12 AM)

It depends on which size is the 4.39Gb, the real one? I mean that a 4.7Gb SL media has real capacity of 4.37Gb, that's why I ask you. Is it a movie or data?

SpiderX1016 -> RE: Dual Layer??? (11/4/2004 8:21:30 PM)

its a game

Iggy -> RE: Dual Layer??? (11/5/2004 4:54:06 AM)

I don't know if it can be compressed.

However you can delete the manuals and the directX from the original file in order to decrease the capacity.

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