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SiliconFreak -> NeuNeo HVD108 Review ! (11/3/2004 1:11:52 PM)

I had a great experience reviewing this player from NeuNeo. It had excellent colour quality and image results however I think NeuNeo can do a better job of providing more connection options. The only high quality video output is VGA on the player, and there are no conversion cables provided to convert VGA to DVI or composite. The DVI connection has proven to provide fantastic image results as seen in the Samsung line of players, and a lot of HD TVs come with a DVI input which is useless if you have a VGA output on your DVD player. You can get a converter that converts VGA to component (which is what I used to test this player) but that won't give you a digital input on your TV, it will be analog thus resulting in duller colours and faded blacks.


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beren -> RE: NeuNeo HVD108 Review ! (12/21/2004 6:18:55 PM)

I ordered one of these, based in part on your review. 11 days and counting and no end in sight to waiting. Are other people having problems getting the unit? At this point I'd just appreciate a response with a "its on the way here's a tracking number", but they are not repsonding to email . Any suggestions?


SiliconFreak -> RE: NeuNeo HVD108 Review ! (12/21/2004 7:29:05 PM)

Hello beren and welcome to our forum!

So You said You ordered this item (I guess from !?)...11 days past...and still no answer? Is that it? Please provide more info so we could see what could be done... [;)]

Btw...did You complete Your payment process and everything? I mean...could You check if Your Credit Card was actually debited with that ammount or is it possible that You didnt complete process properly!? Or did You pay thru WU or Wire Transfer?

Let me tell You that since now...noone was ever its a bit strange...but You never know...anything may happen...[:@] Where are You from? Is it possible that the post havent arrived yet to Your place? Although that would be strange...because You would need to receive Tracking number within day or two after they sent the item...huhh...

Well...just let us know with more info...and we'll check out what could be done,ok? You may also PM me in case You dont want to discuss that in public...[:)]

Best wishes, SF. [;)]

beren -> RE: NeuNeo HVD108 Review ! (12/21/2004 9:52:30 PM)

Yes, I checked on the payment (visa card via paypal) and NeuNeo, PayPal, and Visa report that the payment has been credited.

I'm from the US...

I've emailed NeuNeo four times and only received one response, which was to check the GCE website for shipping data. That site simply reports that the unit has left beijing, but it has not changed in about 6 days.


SiliconFreak -> RE: NeuNeo HVD108 Review ! (12/22/2004 10:24:35 AM)

hi again!

So I see that everything went fine from Your side...with payment and they did provide You with tracking number afterall!? (You said You havent received it yet in previous post!?)

Let me tell You that I have waited for some product to come from Hongkong (but via ordinary mail) for more than a month (and I also checked daily for tracking and there were also only report about when unit left HK)! But I guess thats not the case here...because they said they use DHL...and DHL ships FAST...

I would advice You to maybe wait 1 more week or so...and in meanwhile...try contacting that GCE website and ask them for more info about Your packet if possible...[;)]

In either case...let us know when the packet arrives or when You get more info about it,ok?

Have a nice day/night...



beren -> RE: NeuNeo HVD108 Review ! (12/22/2004 5:45:18 PM)

I'll let you know. I got a GCE tracking number, but not DHL. Today I finally heard from them and they said stuff had gotten stuck in customs, but that now its in the hands of DHL, although I do not have a DHL tracking number.

I agree about the normal time for international shipping - but they claim 3-5 days on their site so perhaps they should not set that expectation.

I'll definitely let you know how it turns out and also post my feedback on how the unit performs on my Tosh RPTV and Denon DHT 485XP. I did a full convergence on the RPTV last weekend and just rebalanced the surround...grrr!

I can't wait - I've got LOTR RoTK Extended Edition just waiting for this!


SiliconFreak -> RE: NeuNeo HVD108 Review ! (12/22/2004 8:12:39 PM)

I am glad to hear that things started moving...[;)]...and I hope You receive DHL tracking nr. soon...and also...the most finally get this superb product so You could watch LOTR [:)] Maybe they messed something up...afterall, holidays are almost here...and businesses are usually very occupied with increased orders and stuff....[8D]...but like You said...if they say 3-5 days...then the item should reach each buyer in 3-5 days...[;)]

And finally....Yes, please let us know, about what You personally think about the unit and how it performs in Your system...although I am already 99.9% certain that You wont be dissapointed...[;)]

Cya around soon...and in meanwhile...take care and enjoy...[;)]


beren -> RE: NeuNeo HVD108 Review ! (1/2/2005 8:23:16 AM)

The NeuNeo unit finally arrived a ocuple of days ago! So far I'm quite happy with the unit. The box was pretty beat up and re-tapped together several times, so I was a bit worried when I was opening it, but the inside packaging did the job. The player has a "B&O" rip-off look to it - but it matches my other components ok. I connected the NeuNeo player to my Tosh 43H81 RPTV and a Denon 485XP home theatre via component video cables and the digital audio output.

Setup of the unit was fairly simple via the remote control - I switched it to widescreen format and to 1080i output. This caused a momentary flicker of the screen and then a minor stroke as my TV went blank. For a moment I thought oh s-, but then I realized that the HD button on the remote toggles between 720p and 1080i and my TV only does 1080i.

I verified that my Tosh display did in fact cahnge to 1080i becuase in this mode you can't change the screen's aspect ratio.

I put in LOTR FOTR ED and sat down. I can definitely say this player is very cool! The picture is really fantastic. Sound through the unit is also excellent with full digital and dolby ES suport coming through to my receiver with no problems. The video picture is very clear, although is seems pretty dark compared to my other player - but could be the Tosh which does strange things at different resolutions with conversion. Even in fast moving scenes with high contrast and lots of action (battle in Balin's Tomb and the Balrog in Moria for example) the picture remained artifact free with no noticable "junk" or bumping as you see on some players.

The DVD disk drawer is a little flimsy - I can see that getting busted pretty easily. The remote is also a little weak, but for $200 what can you expect. I plan to use a universal remote anyway - too bad NeuNeo does not supply codes that would work. The manual was adequate.

Overall I give the unit a big thumbs-up. Just don't plan on the unit arriving in 3-5 days.

Thanks for your previous help!

beren erchamion

SiliconFreak -> RE: NeuNeo HVD108 Review ! (1/2/2005 10:23:51 AM)


I am almost as happy as You are, beren. Really! [:D][;)] Because I was also worried why there was such long delay in delivery!? [&:] But now since You said everything is fine...and Your satisfaction is up to the MAXXX...I might have a beer or two...CHEERSSS...[8D]

So...once again I am happy that it all worked out as it should...and I wish You long sleepless nights watching Your DVDs...[:)]

Best wishes, SiliconFreak.[;)]

And inform those guys at NeuNeo to change their delivery time from 3-5 to 30-50days...[:D][:D] or at least 3-eternity...[:)][;)]

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