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zebra -> DVDInfoPro v3.40 Released! (10/27/2004 6:57:26 AM)

Yes! It's finally here! The long awaited fast scanning routines for BenQ hardware are implemented! Go grab it here!

DVDInfoPro v.3.40 Download Mirrors

Recent Change History

First public release since adding Benq fast pi/pif scanning.
Many thanks to all the staff at Benq for their assistance in bringing this exciting feature to their users.  
Many thanks to the beta testers, I appreciate you all.
V3.30 – V3.39 
Beta testing only.

Fixed the greyed out play button.
Fixed scaling starting at 20 instead of 10

Fixed the greyed out play button.
Fixed scaling starting at 20 instead of 10

Added DC Erase help and information to help file.
Added "complete media code" on to the tail of the "media info" command display.
Added bitsetting for Plextor and (oem such as TDK) drives.
Improved the function of re-setting "Auto Peak" setting after a scan had completed.
Improved spike suppression to pi/pif scanning routines.
Fixed a bug in the Benq pi/pif scanning auto scaling.
Fixed a bug in the Nu pi/pif scanner causing very high error rates to show 0 on pie.
V3.27	Fixed an issue with new Liteon 1633 hanging after bitset command.

V3.26   Released in error,  it is the same as V3.25

Added DC Erase for some Nu burners and oem units such as some philips models.  DC Erase is a revolutionary new function. A compatibility list will come at a future time,  but the routine will auto detect if your burner is suitable.  
See http://users.on.net/~zebra/NUTechDCErase.htm for more info on DC Erase.
Extended NEC 3500A bitset dialog to include new commands for SL Bitsetting.  Newer NEC firmware is
required.  The routine will auto detect suitable firmware and report its capability.
Added pi/po testing for the TEAC DV-W516G burner
Workaround for Bitsetting bug in Liteon 1633s and OEM burners
Moved some strings into the locale area.
re-enabled Jpg save function.
Added some more media codes
Made some modifications to Pi/Pif scanning to increase stability.
Made some changes to Nu scanning to help prevent some lockups causing by a bug in the firmware.	

Test versions for new DC erase functionality.

Added +RDL bitsetting into the Liteon Bitset dialog.

Centered the media display window & text.
Fixed some media id's reporting wrongly.
Added many new media codes for -R/RW, +R/RW
In Media Info changed the phrase "Not Formatted"  to "Blank Disc" to overcome some user confusion.
Change in the Licence conditions,  to relax and permit distribution and mirroring.

arith -> RE: DVDInfoPro v3.40 Released! (10/27/2004 8:46:14 AM)

Well done..[:)]

arith -> RE: DVDInfoPro v3.40 Released! (10/27/2004 10:25:39 AM)

Just flashing my BenQ to B7M9
Looks like I got a bad burned media:


arith -> RE: DVDInfoPro v3.40 Released! (10/27/2004 10:43:55 AM)

I got another one for ProDiscR03:


arith -> RE: DVDInfoPro v3.40 Released! (10/27/2004 10:47:11 AM)

No, now I start to think it's firmware or software's problem.
Below is CMC MAG F01


ChromoE -> RE: DVDInfoPro v3.40 Released! (10/27/2004 10:52:53 AM)

Hi zebra
SpeedLabs.org Forum brings the message "portal_config.php error". Could you update the links in the thread "URGENT MESSAGE ABOUT DVDINFOPRO.COM" please.

pierrearonnax -> RE: DVDInfoPro v3.40 Released! (10/27/2004 11:45:07 AM)


You can also get it from HERE

I noticed the new NEC DVD Booktype Setting choices for +R and +RW.
Nice job!

S33K3R -> RE: DVDInfoPro v3.40 Released! (10/27/2004 4:47:38 PM)

that is not good at all

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