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waterlover112 -> Soo Lost (10/23/2004 5:02:38 PM)

Ok I bought the 3500 From Newegg and it seems to work ok. I have firmware 2.16 on it. I know there is alot of info out there on how to flash new firmware to my drive. I am just confused. What firmware is the best to update to... official or unofficial i don't care. I have noticed alot of people using 2f8. Also what flasher is best to use so I cansave my original firmware? I also want to use a windows flasher, unless there is a good reason why I should use a dos based version. Also my drive is in an external usb enclosure if that matters. Also while using dvd shrink/decryptor the dvd sound cuts in and out. Could firmware help that problem? Thanks in advance for all the help. I am just sooo lost. Also what is bitsetting and booktype? Thanks (sorry for the double post. I didn't notice this one.)

fahrenheit -> RE: Soo Lost (10/23/2004 6:45:48 PM)

1.) Best firmware with latest write strategies, at least for me is 2.C8 from TDK with NEC id, more info about it and download is available in TDK 1616n v2.C8 SE -> NEC ND-3500A v2.C8 SE release! thread.

2.) There are a couple of flashers, but Binflash is most safe and easy to use. You will probably want Win32 GUI version. It can dump and flash, but I never tested it with USB drives. Author says it should work fine, but most safe way is to attach drive to IDE cable and flash it, if you have any doubts.

3.) I have no idea about DVD sound problems. Auto-Booktype is supported with 2.C8 firmware, read thread above for more info. It basically means it will show as DVD-ROM instead of DVD+.... to standalone players and all other applications which read that setting. This can enable some picky players to play movies instead of rejecting them.

2.C8 firmware linked in TDK 1616n thread comes with Binflash 0.92 and I recommend you to use latest from Binflash page, 1.02 or above, especially if you use it with USB. Also you may check The Dangerous Brothers page for DOS flasher which can be used to recover bad flashed drives, but stick with Binflash since its easier and it works with Windows. After flashing restart PC.

fahrenheit -> RE: Soo Lost (10/23/2004 7:07:40 PM)

Ah btw... 2.C8 from The Dangerous Brothers page seems not to support Booktype. Also their DOS versions are basically .bin files which can be used with BinFlash and Windows versions are in .exe format with embedded flasher. Anyway, best 2.C8 is in thread I mentioned above. TDB version is same except for Booktype.

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