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yindingmin -> [Suggestion]classify the best information on the top (10/18/2004 11:05:04 PM)

I come to this forum for almost 2 months and felt it was very useful to me.Many guys have answered the questions very professional and help the forum member to solve their problems.

In order to help to members more effectively,I have the following suggestions:

1.collect some basic knowledges of hardwares,media and software from the forum

2.post these basic information and core knowledge on the top of each sub-forum and request the members who want to ask the questions to check these posts first.

3.the top posting can be added or deleted according to the development of the forum.

the benefit of doing this:

1.collect the best and core knowledge togather so that the members don't look around or search around the forum.this also help the beginners to solve their porblems immediately.
2.it will help the members to improve their knowledge and more professional.

it is just my own view.

Iggy -> RE: [Suggestion]classify the best information on the top (10/19/2004 4:03:19 AM)

I agree wth you point of view.[:)]

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