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8bit -> Portfolio palmtop (10/15/2004 4:54:43 AM)

I was watching Terminator 2 the other day and noticed the character John Connor using a small piece of Atari hardware to work out the pin no. for a stolen credit card and steal cash.
It looked interesting so I went to the Atari museum website and found out it was their palmtop computer the Portfolio (1989), quite a neat little device for its day. Apparently running an 8088 chip at 4mhz.[8D]


emperor -> RE: Portfolio palmtop (10/15/2004 5:04:31 AM)

Interesting info mate [:-]

8bit -> RE: Portfolio palmtop (10/15/2004 6:27:07 AM)

My first PC was an Atari 400 (with 48k) but I must have been out of it by the late 80s because I didn't know about the Portfolio. All this time I thought he was holding an Atari Lynx. Now I have heard that someone OC'd a Portfolio so that it ran at 6mhz, but this drained the battery somewhat.[:(]

emperor -> RE: Portfolio palmtop (10/15/2004 7:13:38 AM)

i see, anyway nowdays things are much better and mostly, faster!

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