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arith -> New QDA-700 Smartphone from PiTech and Qool Labs (10/13/2004 2:49:59 AM)

New QDA-700 Smartphone from PiTech and Qool Labs

Portable Innovation Technology Limited (PiTech), the world's first PalmSource-certified original design manufacturer (ODM), and Qool Labs, today introduced a new Palm Powered smartphone, the Qool QDA-700. The Qool QDA-700 is also the first Palm OS smartphone to include a 1.3-megapixel camera.

The Qool QDA-700 is based on the smartphone platform developed by PiTech and built on the Palm OS Garnet operating system. It is a tri-band GSM (900/1800/1900mhz) smartphone targeted at the consumer market.

The Qool QDA-700 comes with rich multimedia features including a 1.3-megapixel camera, a high-resolution, 2.8-inch color QVGA (240x320) display, 32MB or RAM, 802.11 SDIO support, WAV/MP3/MIDI ring tone supportability, MP3 player and MEPG4 video capture and playback capabilities. In addition, the device is bundled with productivity applications such as Documents-to-Go and PalmSource Mail, designed to appeal to prosumer and business customers.

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arith -> RE: New QDA-700 Smartphone from PiTech and Qool Labs (10/13/2004 2:52:06 AM)

I have already played this cool stuff.

SiliconFreak -> RE: New QDA-700 Smartphone from PiTech and Qool Labs (10/13/2004 7:07:35 AM)

Lucky You tell us it works and stuff like that? [:)]

And also...I read that You came back from Israel,right? How was Your trip and everything? Are You going back? (You may answer that in "free discussion forum" so that we wont mix technology with pleasure too much...[8D][:D][:)][;)]



arith -> RE: New QDA-700 Smartphone from PiTech and Qool Labs (10/15/2004 1:03:39 AM)

As you can see QDA-700 Smartphone looks very similar to Motorola A768i but I do think it is better than A768i.

What I got is a proto-type but is really cool enough.
I am not sure if this is the first Palm model which has 1.3mega-pixel camera, but it is the first one for me.

If compare to other Palm smartphones:
GS series: Xplore G18, G88
The LCD is too small for a Palm device, but maybe big enough for a phone. If you are going to use it as PDA, take care of your eyes.

Kyocera 7135:
Old model, Palm OS is still 4.1

Well, I think one of the big problem is the cover, the curve plastic cover seems to be very easy to be scrach.

SiliconFreak -> RE: New QDA-700 Smartphone from PiTech and Qool Labs (10/15/2004 10:18:50 AM)

Thank You arith for detailed explanation of the situation..[;)] I really Appreciate this (and i believe many other members also)! Afterall we are all here to help eachother...[:)][:D]

Btw...just dont use the word SCRATCH anymore here...because it gives me headache everytime i hear it...and all nice sexy looking 19" monitor got scratched from unknown reason (i always cleaned it with nice soft cloth...but some week ago...those scratches started to appear out of nowhere [:@]...and there is no cure to that as far as i could find out...its anti-glare or anti-static coating that comes off...and noone knows the solution to that - maybe the monitor makers do (they could reapply this coating if they would like to), but they rather sell us new monitor than to help us out with existing ones...[:@][8D]).

Dont take it too serious...offcourse you may use that word...its just that i dont know what else to do with monitor (I will scratch entire coating off if nothing else...because those scratches are driving me crazy!!!)... Does anyone knows any other good solution to that problem? [:-]

Cya arround everybody...peace,love & happyness to all...[:)][;)]


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