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CoasterBoy -> CD won't play in boom box (8/26/2001 9:53:58 AM)

I am a new user having only just installed my first CD Burner: HP 9900i. I have burnt two CD's in two different programs: HP's Record Now and a newly downloaded demo of Nero Both programs worked well, burning the cd's in .cda format. They play fine in my computer's CD Rom but won't do anything in my boom box.

What did I do wrong?


j8hn -> RE: CD won't play in boom box (9/7/2001 11:09:35 AM)

Not all players play cdrs especially old ones your boombox may play back another manufacturer cdrs. But first try your cdrs on another player just 2 make shure they are playable. Ensure that once burned the cdr is formatted; most burning software can do this automatically but u sometimes have 2 activate formatting first.


digi -> RE: CD won't play in boom box (9/7/2001 6:17:25 PM)

For Audio CD's it's always best to chose the Disk At Once (DAO) option
Also, make sure the CD is "closed" or "finalized".

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