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yindingmin -> the time of buying DVD Burner (10/2/2004 7:44:16 PM)

I have some questions right now: it the best time to buy dvd burner now or wait for the thanksgiving promotion?
I have several hadrdisk and not in a serious need to buy a dvd burner right now.I want to get the best price and I prefer from NEC or Plextor.But you know,the dvd burner sold at low price at thanksgiving always not brand name(But sometime may be OEM by some famous OEMer such as Lite-on,ASUS and BENQ).so I want your guys to give me recommendations for the time.
2.if i buy a dvd burned,I have to buy a DVD-ROM.whihc one brand name is the best for compatible for most dvd media?
3.which brand name dvd media is good choice for compatiblity?that is to Easy to burn and easy to read.

emperor -> RE: the time of buying DVD Burner (10/3/2004 2:55:37 PM)

I will try to help here, even this subject is rather complicated...

Reading several other threads/using the search function may help you since you will read the answers that many other people got for the same question you had.

I would avoid buying the PX-712A since already PX-716A will hit the market at 1+ month, as for a cheap solution, NEC 3500A is a good choice

Iggy -> RE: the time of buying DVD Burner (10/4/2004 1:57:15 AM)

If you need the drive to be good in both reading /writing then I would suggest an LG, 4120 or 4160.

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