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westendboy2002 -> Yet another incd error message! (12/31/2002 1:33:49 PM)

I am using win98se and have a iomega zip650cd 8x4x32 cd-rewriter. I cannot format cdrw with incd. I keep getting the error message 0051-0004-0044-0001 Hardware error occurred. Reboot your computer and try again. Please check your drive. I have wmp 7.01 but the adaptec cd burning plugin is not installed. I have tried removing all the software and reinstalling but it still does not work. Any one with any ideas?

KCK -> RE: Yet another incd error message! (12/31/2002 3:20:21 PM)

Did you read my exchanges with CDL in this thread:

westendboy2002 -> RE: Yet another incd error message! (1/1/2003 12:52:08 PM)

I just tried erasing a cdrw with nero. But i get the error message "internal target failure"

GrrRon -> RE: Yet another incd error message! (1/2/2003 11:30:07 AM)

What kind of media are you using?
You can only rw high speed media if you have a compatible HS writer.

donziehm -> RE: Yet another incd error message! (1/2/2003 3:14:49 PM)

A couple of thoughts.

Your RW speed max is 4X so make sure you are not using high speed, 4X - 10X CD-RW disks.

The fact that you had problems with Neros's erase indicates that you have more problems. Does anything in Nero work? Can you burn CD-RW CDs in Nero burning rom? Try a plain data CD create in Nero using this same CD-RW media and see if it works OK.

If you have problems writing plain data CDs with Nero, then the problem is either the CD-RW media, your CD Writer, or supporting software; ASPI layer, etc.

I would also suggest you contain Iomega tech support. I have a Zip100 drive and have contacted them before and they usually respond via e-mail within 24 hours.

westendboy2002 -> RE: Yet another incd error message! (1/2/2003 8:15:44 PM)

I have tried using packard bell 1x-10x 80min cdrw and imation 4x-10x 74 min cdrw. I tried to burn a data cd using nero burning rom but i get the following messages.

caching of files started
caching of files completed
simulation started at 2x (300kb\s)
Simulation completed successfully at 2x (300kb\s)
Burn process started at 2x (300kb\s)
Internal target failure
Invalid Write state
Could not perform endtrack
Burn process failed at 2x (300kb\s)

KCK -> RE: Yet another incd error message! (1/3/2003 2:33:36 AM)

You have not understood donziehm's message.

Your old burner cannot handle High Speed CD-RW discs. Such discs have "High Speed" included in the Compact Disc ReWritable logo on their covers, and are usually rated at 4x-10x or 4x-12x, but even 1x-10x indicates an HS disc (since the rated speed exceeds 4x). Although your burner can rewrite at 4x, its laser system doesn't meet the requirements of the newer HS technology.

You should look for CD-RW discs rated at 1x-4x, or older discs rated at 2x. Such discs are gradually disappearing from the market, so in the long run, upgrading your burner may be the only solution.

westendboy2002 -> RE: Yet another incd error message! (1/3/2003 10:16:29 AM)

I am thinking of replacing my cdrw as it happens to a Cyberdrive CW078D 40x16x48. Is this a better choice for high speed media? I am fairly new to this cd burning

KCK -> RE: Yet another incd error message! (1/4/2003 12:23:41 AM)

I'm still happy with my Lite-On LTR-48125W bought six months ago. However, if I wanted to upgrade, I'd probably look for one of the recent Lite-On models (or rebadged versions) with the rewriting speed of 24x. For 24x, you need Super High Speed media, which have just entered the market; 16x is quite difficult to find. I'd choose a company such as Lite-On that provides firmware updates to match more media. If you have more money, then Plextor PX-W4824A could be a good choice.

In your case, I'd spend some time reading reviews and users' experiences at, and

westendboy2002 -> RE: Yet another incd error message! (3/16/2003 10:29:51 PM)

i have now gone out and bought a new cd-rewriter and that has solved the problem now.

KCK -> RE: Yet another incd error message! (3/17/2003 12:01:09 AM)

Good for you![8D]

BTW, if your new burner re-writes at 24x, stay away from Memorex CD-RW 24x discs.

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