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Louikos -> New Doom 3 Review added!@CDRINFO (10/1/2004 7:56:55 AM)

New review added. It's all about the new creation of id software
Read it here..

gavgerin -> DOOMMMMMMMM III (10/1/2004 11:12:26 AM)

DOOM 3 !!!!!! Great job Louikos!!! We love you man! [:'(]

Deleted User -> [Deleted] (10/1/2004 11:24:02 AM)

[Deleted by Admins]

Louikos -> RE: DOOMMMMMMMM III (10/1/2004 7:13:20 PM)

thank you both

Tony Veglis -> RE: DOOMMMMMMMM III (10/2/2004 5:47:39 AM)

great work mate!! I would be also interested in your opinion on the game!!

eleajar -> RE: DOOMMMMMMMM III (10/2/2004 5:55:50 AM)

nice peace of work there m8. keep it coming with more games.

Louikos -> RE: DOOMMMMMMMM III (10/2/2004 1:51:23 PM)

i'm making a review of Rome total war
keep on eye

SiliconFreak -> RE: DOOMMMMMMMM III (10/2/2004 2:51:19 PM)

Great!!! [8D]

I am almost finished with d/l this review will be very helpfull in case i get stuck somewhere in the game...[:)][;)]

Bring it on ASAP, Louikos! [:D]

Enjoy Everybody. [;)]

emperor -> RE: DOOMMMMMMMM III (10/3/2004 2:47:59 PM)

Good work louikos!

thanosKkK -> RE: DOOMMMMMMMM III (10/14/2004 4:27:28 AM)

Great review,nice pics..
Too bad i own a laptop and for that,i cant play this game!

keep up the good work louikos! [;)]

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