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T3TRISizer -> World Exclusive Review Of IWill's ZMAXdp (Dual Proc SFF)! (9/24/2004 9:02:45 AM)

Hexus has manage to get its grubby hands around the IWill ZMAXdp SFF PC. IWill has managed to squeeze in dual-Opeterons into this tiny small form factor unit. The ZMAXdp is based on NVIDIA's nForce 3 250 Chipset, support 2 PATA, 2 SATA, 8 USB Ports, 802.11b Wi Fi,Gigabit Ethernet, and 2 Memory slots working in dual channel. So who wants one? ;)

Being a dual processor system, my obvious comparison systems for the ZMAXdp are the Opteron and Nocona test platforms I used to evaluate Nocona not too long ago. Time I was able to spend with the system, with Windows 2003 Server in a working environment (it shipped with Windows XP Professional) means I couldn't get results for all the benchmarks I used in the Nocona article. I did manage to get 3DSMax v6 and an AutoGK benchmark done, along with a few of the more simple tests to run that also made it into the Nocona article, that test 3D, system and memory subsystems but which aren't multi-threaded.

You'll notice that the Opterons used in the ZMAXdp aren't the Opteron 250s I used in the Nocona article, but rather Opteron 244s instead. They are interesting Opteron 244s however, being engineering samples of the low-power variant, the Opteron HE. Running at a meagre 1.3V at 1800MHz and generating 55W TDP, rather than the 1.5V and 89W TDP of the full power Opteron 244+ CPUs, it means they run very cool at stock speeds.


Source : AnandTech

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