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NotesGooRoo -> Question regarding ND-3500a (9/22/2004 12:00:11 AM)

I finally ordered my ND-3500a from this past Sunday.

I am trying to decide which firmware I should use once it gets here, and would like to know your thoughts.

Between the MadDog and the TDK firmware that allows SL bitset, which would you use?


Deleted User -> [Deleted] (9/22/2004 1:16:41 AM)

[Deleted by Admins]

emperor -> RE: Question regarding ND-3500a (9/22/2004 7:08:04 AM)

I just got info from NEC that 2.17 official supposed to come out next week, but it won't support Bitsetting for SL DVD+R media!

If you need SL bitsetting use v2.C7 from TDK 1616n!

NotesGooRoo -> RE: Question regarding ND-3500a (9/22/2004 12:02:19 PM)

I was leaning toward the TDK anyway, and since you two recommend it.....

I received my drive from newegg this morning at work. I popped the drive in a PC and flashed the 2.C7 firmware(windows) branded for NEC from Dangerous Brothers. It appears to be working fine, but I need to locate some +R media. Right now all I have here is +RW. I have some 4x +RW at home, and will test once I get in the door.

I was using USB external for my DW-U10a, but I want to put this drive on the sec IDE channel. I have to remove my Yamaha CRW-F1 [:(] The best CD burner I have ever used. I can count on my hands the coasters I have had, and thats after burning 100's of discs. It will now be downgraded to an external USB case. It will be missed [&o]


emperor -> RE: Question regarding ND-3500a (9/22/2004 5:10:08 PM)

Ok test this and let us know of any problems!

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