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greyknight17 -> Add HDD to PS2 (9/19/2004 8:36:11 AM)

I just got a PS2 yesterday (was about time too) and want to add a HDD to it. I've looked and searched but don't know how to do this. I'm looking at a Maxtor 120GB HDD. I see that the expansion bay has a port that needs another cable. From what I read, the cable I need is a PS2 Network Adapter right (not an IDE since it won't fit).

How do I go about doing this? I saw on TV and I need to "bless" the HDD. I don't want to ask too much questions (don't want to bug you guys too much yet). Is there a tutorial of some sort?

Thanks in advance.

emperor -> RE: Add HDD to PS2 (9/20/2004 9:41:55 AM)

You need to buy a PS2 Network adapter and installing the HDD is very simple!

greyknight17 -> RE: Add HDD to PS2 (9/21/2004 4:25:39 PM)

Thanks for the reply emperor. So the next thing I should get after the adapter and hard drive is HDLoader and winhiip (for backups?) right?

Does it matter which PS2 model I have? I think mine is a 50001 version.


emperor -> RE: Add HDD to PS2 (9/21/2004 5:53:22 PM)

No don't matter which PS2 version you have (of course Japanese models are not supported)

greyknight17 -> RE: Add HDD to PS2 (9/22/2004 10:58:05 AM)

Thanks again for the reply emperor. From what I read, the HDLoader disc must be in the PS2 at all times in order for this to work.

I just read another post about Windows HDL Image. Will it work if I rip my PS2 game using Nero and then use HDL Image to add it to the 120GB HDD?

elexio -> RE: Add HDD to PS2 (9/22/2004 5:01:15 PM)

you dont have to rip it off on to your pc unless if its a duel layered game.

greyknight17 -> RE: Add HDD to PS2 (9/23/2004 9:42:26 AM)

Thanks. Didn't know about that.

I read up a lot on using HD Loader in this forum and others. From what I read, it looks like I will have to buy the HDLoader/HDAdvance CD in order to use the hard drive. Just wondering if there was another way to run it from the HDD without the HDLoader cd? That would save me an extra $30 or $40.

emperor -> RE: Add HDD to PS2 (9/23/2004 3:49:12 PM)

There is an un-official version floating around (cracked) but i haven't used it neither know how it works!

greyknight17 -> RE: Add HDD to PS2 (9/29/2004 8:53:03 AM)

OK. I got two of the 3 items I need now. I have the 120GB Maxtor and PS2 Network Adapter. Emperor, regarding winhiip, is it possible to use that to copy the games and play it without HDLoader or HDAdvance? By the looks of things, it seems like I will have to use one of the 2 programs to have the load screen for my PS2.

So is there a real difference between HDAdvance and HDLoader? I know it's copy job (HDAdvance), but why have one CD and one DVD? Will the HDLoader CD be enough (no DVD?)? I want to get HDLoader, but didn't know if I also might need the pressed DVD that HDAdvance has. Is this the legit site to get it from ( and NOT - consolesource)? I want the original cd and not a copy which seems to be.

This one should be one of the last questions for now:

I'm getting mixed messages here. I read (originally) that I need to put the HDD to my PC and run the HDLoader program. But I read on the site that I could insert the CD into my PS2 and then swap it with the game. It should then be able to copy it directly to my HDD in the PS2 System without installing it as a slave in my Desktop PC. Is this true?

emperor -> RE: Add HDD to PS2 (9/29/2004 4:42:54 PM)

I can only speak for the legit HD Loader version (i believe more or less HD Advance is the same thing, we asked for a review unit, but they never send something...).

If you use WinHIIP you can transfer games but you need either the legit HDLoader/Advance or the cracked one (which i don't know how works or where to get it).

greyknight17 -> RE: Add HDD to PS2 (9/30/2004 9:40:24 AM)

I want to get HDLoader but found lower prices for HDAdvance. Are there copies of HDAdvance that are sold, or are they all originals (pressed)? I heard about consolesource selling cracked HDLoader CDs (hopefully they don't have that for HDAdvance). What is this bigger TOC for HDAdvance (more games?)? Any reputable sites I should get it from (or ones that I should avoid)?

I'm pretty much set up now as I said earlier. Just need this last piece to my puzzle and then I'm on my way. This rocks!!!

emperor -> RE: Add HDD to PS2 (9/30/2004 3:24:39 PM)

I don't know about what consolesource sells, other members can share their info, or look at for other sites?

elexio -> RE: Add HDD to PS2 (10/4/2004 3:10:49 PM)

dont get anything from consolesource. theyll tell you that the copy is not cracked right in front of your face and send you a cracked one the next second.

WilliamBuck -> RE: Add HDD to PS2 (10/11/2004 3:27:09 PM)

Thats not entirely true. I just got my HD Loader on 10/9 from and it works great. It is not the FREE version and is not a pressed cd. It has the barcode, etc. I got the package deal from with the Maxtor HD and Network Adaptor and had no problems.

elexio -> RE: Add HDD to PS2 (10/14/2004 5:31:12 PM)

believe what you want to believe, they dont make the origional copies anymore, so theres no way they could have gotten it.
bar code or not its just a differnt version of the same old clone. but as long as you are happy your copy who gives a **** right.

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