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wnc -> encoding problem (12/15/2002 4:02:57 AM)

I am using nero to burn a VCD and there are some files that have Nero has to re-encode in order to burn them. On the log file, it says that encoding is begun, but nothing happens (no flashing lights etc.) what is suppose to happen visually when encoding occurs?

Dolphinius_Rex -> RE: encoding problem (12/15/2002 4:17:19 AM)

The progress bars that show the burning process should be moving from left to right. Though this may happen very slowly. Have you tried leaving it over night? depending on how it's rendering the movie, it can sometimes take a very long time!

Tron -> RE: encoding problem (12/15/2002 7:06:40 AM)

I have seen where NERO will seem dead for a long time before it is done. It all depends on the amount of encoding it has to do before it can burn.

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