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SiliconFreak -> Mitsubishi VM72LCD - New 17" LCD Display! (9/14/2004 5:22:10 PM)

NEC/Mitsubishi Electronics Display announced the new 17" Mitsubishi VM72LCD TFT display for corporate market segment.

Mitsubishi VM72LCD specs:
TN + film TFT, 43 cm (17")
250cd/m² brightness
450:1 contrast
16 ms response time
140° horizontal and 125° vertical viewing angle
1280x1024 @ 60 Hz
34W active power consumption, 2W idle power consumption

Source : Digit-Life


sp -> RE: Mitsubishi VM72LCD - New 17" LCD Display! (9/15/2004 7:37:16 AM)

Estimated street price?
Does on-line price comparison sites offer any indication on this?

SiliconFreak -> RE: Mitsubishi VM72LCD - New 17" LCD Display! (9/15/2004 12:22:41 PM)

Mr. sp...since this product is not yet available...there are no prices known at the moment [8D]...BUT...i did research especially 4 You [:D][:D]...and after some 15 minutes...i came by 1! single (Greek) page that is offering this monitor (i hope its the same because there are no pictures there-it only says "NEC 17" LCD 72VM MULTIMEDIA" costs 371,46Euros!)

Here is the link if You wish to look more and see if You could find pictures also... (or click HERE for HOMEPAGE of this website)

Hope that answered Your question [:)][;)]

Enjoy and have a nice day!

*Silicon OUT*

Deleted User -> [Deleted] (9/15/2004 1:22:40 PM)

[Deleted by Admins]

SiliconFreak -> RE: Mitsubishi VM72LCD - New 17" LCD Display! (9/15/2004 1:37:05 PM)

I remember those old NEC monitors...Multysync series...from some 1992 or so...[:)][:)][:)]....they were really good at that time...but dont know about new ones...[:D][;)]

What was your problem minos? You bought it and? one pixel...boom? One pixel exploded or what? [8D] If only one pixel stopped big deal..but if it exploded...[:D][:D][:D]

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