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elexio -> the guy! (9/14/2004 2:23:17 AM)

ok, ive done a lot of searchs and read a lot of guids, but i still cant even make the game run on my hdd
heres what i did

1. i used DVD Decrypter to make an iso
2. then i used apatch to extracted files from both layers into the same folder
3. then i cd/dvd generator to creat a iml file which i also saved in the same folder
4. then i used DVD IML2ISO to make the img
5. i transfered it to my hdd with winhiip
anything run with these steps?

emperor -> RE: the guy! (9/14/2004 2:08:47 PM)

Not me, have you tried to just transfer the ISO -> PS2 HDD without modifying the image?

NismoR34 -> RE: the guy! (9/14/2004 3:35:58 PM)

Damn thats alot of stuff to do...I jus take the image an throw it on with winhiip

elexio -> RE: the guy! (9/14/2004 4:23:32 PM)

its a duel layered game, so if u just throw it into winhiip it will only transfer the first layer

emperor -> RE: the guy! (9/14/2004 7:12:56 PM)

I think that WinHIIP should trasnfer the whole image when you create it with DVD Decrypter

elexio -> RE: the guy! (9/14/2004 8:31:18 PM)

nah that doesnt work, you can only play the first part thats on the first layer, then its going to frezze

elexio -> RE: the guy! (9/15/2004 4:56:30 PM)

ah finally got it to work after 7 tries

emperor -> RE: the guy! (9/15/2004 5:16:04 PM)

so worked ok as I described?

elexio -> RE: the guy! (9/16/2004 7:39:41 PM)

no, i flattened it first and copied it...

emperor -> RE: the guy! (9/16/2004 7:56:47 PM)

i see[8|]

tank139 -> RE: the guy! (9/21/2004 6:06:08 PM)

i did the steps u listed on the top and had the same result. how did u get around the problem.

Mr.Rogers -> RE: the guy! (9/22/2004 12:21:37 AM)

How did you flatten the image out?

emperor -> RE: the guy! (9/22/2004 7:14:23 AM)

elexio can help at this...[;)]

elexio -> RE: the guy! (9/22/2004 4:52:26 PM)

do the steps that i listed above and use hddumb to transfer the iso. dont use winhiip, winhiip v1.6 doesnt really work with flattened image for some reason.

emperor -> RE: the guy! (9/22/2004 4:54:15 PM)

elexio can you post some links for the needed utils?

Mr.Rogers -> RE: the guy! (9/22/2004 7:24:28 PM)

Elexio, could you tell me the name of the patch you used. Oh, and by the way is it a good game.

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