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T3TRISizer -> Asus Mypal A730 Review! (9/5/2004 3:31:36 PM)

With the new Mypal A730, Asus takes a big step towards digital convergence. The built-in 1.3 megapixel digital camera combined with the truly brilliant 3.7" TFT screen with VGA resolution and Intel's new 520MHz PXA270 CPU turn a simple PDA into a multimedia contender.

The Mypal A730 has some other nice extras, too, such as an integrated Bluetooth module, a dual slot for SD and CF cards, 64 MB of RAM and the automatic data backup tool Asus Smartkeeper.

An integrated WLAN module is not on the A730's list of goodies, however. That can only be had in combination with 128 MB of RAM in the top-of-the-line Mypal A730W, slated for release in October.

We are unable to make any conclusive statements at this time about the battery life or the image quality of the built-in camera. Here, we'll have to wait to evaluate the final product. However, our preproduction test device was not yet convincing in these two disciplines.

So it's really up to the individual user to decide if a gadget like this is worth USD 500/450€. If you divide the price by the number of functions, though (video/MP3 player, PDA, digicam), the price tag doesn't seem quite as high.

The competition isn't sleeping on the job, either: HP will soon be coming out with the Ipaq RX3715, a multimedia PDA based on the 400 MHz S3C 2440 processor. HP is integrating a digicam into its new hand-held as well. Plus, it's also throwing in WLAN and Bluetooth. As far as the display goes, however, at USD 500/600€, the RX3715 offers no more than your standard PDA fare, as a 3.5" screen and QVGA resolution are not exactly state of the art.

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emperor -> RE: Asus Mypal A730 Review! (9/5/2004 5:41:10 PM)

The new ASUS PocketPC looks very good!

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