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dburg -> InCD release (9/4/2004 10:33:23 AM)

Yesterday evening InCD was release. Compared to, it contains a fix for compatibility issue with some anti-virus and a BSOD fix. The version was released for bug fixes only.

emperor -> RE: InCD release (9/4/2004 7:50:23 PM)

Thanks for the news update David[:)]

kubik -> RE: InCD release (9/12/2004 5:34:52 PM)

dBurg, are there any issues I should be aware of when upgrading InCD from version to
Like will my formatted CD-RW's (Mt.Ranier) from the old version be read + written to under the new version?


dburg -> RE: InCD release (9/17/2004 5:23:20 PM)

Several users have reported write problems after upgrading, the media been mounted ready-only due to error vs UDF spec not noticed by InCD 3 but seen by InCD 4. Copying the data temporarily to hard disk, reformatting with InCD 4 and copying the data back allows to workaround the issue.

Current has a defect on NT+ systems, crashing during safe mode boot (but not during normal boot). The defect has been fixed in-house, and a version with the fix is in finally qualification phase before publication on the web. You can either update immediately if you are not worried about safemode booting, or wait for the better version which should be available soon.

emperor -> RE: InCD release (9/20/2004 9:52:55 AM)

thanks for the quick update david!

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