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emperor -> TOSHIBA SD-M1802 vs CATS #2 (9/3/2004 6:36:50 AM)

The Toshiba SD-M1802 with the latest Nero CDSpeed version can measure (scan) DVD recordable and re-writable media. Whats rather interesting is that the drive with a patched firmware can read DVD±R/RW up to 16X

For our tests we used a first test disc scanned at 6X, 8X , 12X, 16X, the average scanning interval is 3.50~3.70ECC (according to the used reading speed).

The SD-M1802 drive can report only PI and PIF error rates.

Reference CATS scans:

* 4X CAV reading speed

* 8X CAV reading speed

emperor -> RE: TOSHIBA SD-M1802 vs CATS #2 (9/3/2004 6:39:07 AM)

* 8X CAV reading speed


The CDSpeed graph went above 100% (visual glitch?)...

* 12X CAV reading speed

* 16X CAV reading speed

* CDSpeed graph

The test results are not what we expected...The CDSpeed graph shows a drop at the reading speed around 1~1.5GB, while the PI/PIF scans shows no serious problem at this area. Towards the end, the Nero CDSpeed graph is very good, while the PI/PIF scan showed major spikes of PI errors...[8|]

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