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digitaldoc -> New Pioneer Review (8/31/2004 1:41:46 PM)

Anandtech posted a new review of the Pioneer 108 drive. The write quality on their testing seems quite good in general. Their scans were all done with Plextools, which often have less errors than the LiteOn Kprobe scans.
Pioneer 108 review at Anandtech

Dolphinius_Rex -> RE: New Pioneer Review (8/31/2004 3:27:53 PM)

Wow... that review was oddly well made. Quite a change for Anandtech! Doesn't make the PX-712a look too good though! [8D]

Deleted User -> [Deleted] (8/31/2004 3:35:45 PM)

[Deleted by Admins]

emperor -> RE: New Pioneer Review (8/31/2004 4:28:13 PM)

I hoped to see the review with 1.10 firmware, we plan to re-test the retail drive DVR-A08 XLA with 1.1x firmware

Dolphinius_Rex -> RE: New Pioneer Review (8/31/2004 7:27:30 PM)

Yeah, I was hoping too... but that just means that can once again pave the way!! [:D]

TerminalVeloCD -> RE: New Pioneer Review (9/1/2004 4:42:28 AM)

What the reviewer didn't realise is that the Pioneer DVR-108 has some sort of a Walking OPC system - hence the unevenness of the burn curves it produces when burning at high speeds.


emperor -> RE: New Pioneer Review (9/1/2004 5:15:52 AM)

Yes that is correct, for another time we would have to lead the way [:)]

digitaldoc -> RE: New Pioneer Review (9/1/2004 11:06:29 AM)

The review was much better than the last few on that website. At least it was worth reading through, I can't say the same for the last Tom's Hardware review I clicked through.

emperor -> RE: New Pioneer Review (9/1/2004 12:08:19 PM)

Yes that is true digi, even i would like to see the 108 compared with another drive than 712A

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