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SiliconFreak -> SonyEricsson K700i Review! (8/28/2004 4:55:07 PM)

After having the phone for a few months now I can base judgment on long-term performance and satisfaction with the features, design, etc. Overall the phone is great, the feature-set is very robust, and there are plenty of settings to tweak to get the phone just how you like it (themes and MP3 ringtones especially are fun). My only gripes after some long-term usage are how the phone takes general wear and tear. As I had estimated some time ago, the black plug on the ‘butt’ of the phone if you will, has warped over time and no longer snugly fits into its recession. This is likely as a result of charging the phone and having the black plug being forcibly pushed up and out of the way by the charger. Other gripes: The Quickshare label on the bottom, and the ONLINE sticker on the side, are simply glued on. They came off very quickly and I had to superglue them back on. Not cool, Sony Ericsson. Also, battery life is nothing to brag about, 1- 1.5 days is typical among most users. Turn on Bluetooth, use WAP extensively, transfer files, play games, play music and you will cut it down shorter. On a good note, however, RF performance I’ve observed has been STELLAR, and nothing less. Works great in my basement, where the T610 used to struggle. I’m also off to college now, and in the middle of nowhere, where AT&T has no coverage. This phone hops networks with no problems whatsoever, and I’ve been very satisfied there. So let’s get down to it, shall we?:
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The good: -Improved VGA camera with flash
-Cleaner, faster, even more powerful user interface
-Good Bluetooth implementation (file transfer, file manager, accessories, sync, headset)
-[very impressive] 3D Java game support
-Support for MP3, MP4, AAC, MID, IMY tunes
-Speakerphone FINALLY!
-41MB user-accessible storage space
-awesome RF compared with previous generation Sony Ericssons

The bad:
-Takes a long time to transfer call to headset DURING a call
-Poor battery life
-Quickshare and ONLINE stickers fell off
-rubber plug cover warps, is slightly annoying

Source : OcWorkBench


emperor -> RE: SonyEricsson K700i Review! (8/28/2004 8:43:41 PM)

Since i have this mobile phone i can say that the statement "-Improved VGA camera with flash" is totally false, in terms of, its camera simply sucks, either with pics/video, i expected much better camera from Ericsson, also the statement for battery is some true, it depends upon the talking time, after several recharges the battery time has increased, a bit [:D]

SiliconFreak -> RE: SonyEricsson K700i Review! (8/29/2004 6:32:30 AM)

how could you say something like that?[:)] It is improved! Afterall its COLOR vga camera...what would you say if it was B/W!??? [8D] So...isnt that a major improvement already? [8D][8D][8D] Btw...what more than 1.3Mpix camera would You like to have? 5Mpix? 8? More? Dont forget that we are talking about mobile here...and not some proffesional camera! [:D][:D] But if You wish even better S-E mobile....try with SE-S700 instead...and for Your camera related wishes....also buy some nice Sony, Casio or Pentax Digital that You wont miss the picture/video quality like you do now... [:D]

Byeeeeeeeeee [;)]

emperor -> RE: SonyEricsson K700i Review! (8/29/2004 10:11:59 AM)

Yes it might be improved from the previous 6x0 series but compared with competition, it needs serious improvement, no i don't want a 1.3MP mobile phone, i would grab a small DC which would provide much better pictures [;)]

SiliconFreak -> RE: SonyEricsson K700i Review! (8/29/2004 10:28:13 AM)

Thats the SPIRIT! [:D][;)]

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