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T3TRISizer -> Lots Of New Mods For DOOM 3! (8/24/2004 11:20:39 AM)

Activision's Doom 3, which launched earlier this month, wasn't on store shelves for three days before players started creating their own modifications — known as mods — to the game.

The mods, which have been top downloads at video game sites, add enhancements to the new Doom such as extra weapons, visual tweaks or new multiplayer features for online play.

Mods make it fun to replay Doom 3, says John Stanton, a university student in Chicago, who has already completed the game.

"After finishing Doom 3, I began searching for cool mods because I wasn't ready to put the game down," he says.

"Duct Tape" is Stanton's favorite mod. It resolves one frustration many players have reported: the inability to shine a flashlight and fire a weapon at the same time. This literally leaves players in the dark in some combat situations. With "Duct Tape," players can tape their character's flashlight to a weapon and use both at the same time.

"The 'Duct Tape' mod is ingenious — now I wouldn't play the game without it," says Stanton.

Here are some glimpses at a few of the dozens of Doom 3 mods currently available:

•Duct Tape mod, ducttape.glenmurphy.com According to author Glen Murphy, more than 80,000 copies of this mod were downloaded in the 24 hours after it was first released Aug. 6. In addition to the features already described, the flashlight in "DuctTape" is brighter than the standard flashlight in the game.

•Hello Kitty mod, polycount.com Find the monsters in the game too scary? The "Hello Kitty" mod by Rogue13 is a mod for the "Duct Tape" mod that shines a cute Hello Kitty cat image onto the beasties.

•Classic Doom Music mod, d3files.com Gamers with a nostalgic leaning toward the classic Doom games from the early '90s may enjoy this add-on. It changes the background music during the game's main menu screen so the hard rock track is replaced with the classic MIDI theme song from the original Doom. Similarly, the "Old School Doom Sound Pack" (author: "Grub") replaces many of the Doom 3 sounds with classic Doom and Doom 2 sound effects.

•32 Player Mod, justbi0.de/d3.html Out of the box, Doom 3 only supports four-player matches over the Internet. Those who believe in the adage "the more, the merrier" may download this German-made mod that lets up to 32 players battle it out on one map.

Other popular Doom 3 mods include the "Trent Reznor Sound Pack," the "KillerDoomPack" and the "Doom 3 Gore Patch" — all of which can be downloaded from dlx.gamespot.com/pc/doom3.

Source : USAToday

emperor -> RE: Lots Of New Mods For DOOM 3! (8/24/2004 2:56:10 PM)

Good news for Doom3 funs

SiliconFreak -> RE: Lots Of New Mods For DOOM 3! (8/24/2004 5:43:45 PM)

Mhmmmmm...need to take some time off and check those mods...ASAP! [:)]

emperor -> RE: Lots Of New Mods For DOOM 3! (8/25/2004 4:10:29 AM)

Yes test it and let me know!!

SiliconFreak -> RE: Lots Of New Mods For DOOM 3! (8/28/2004 12:19:06 PM)

just tried to install first mod (ducttape)...but...just couldnt make it work!?...i copied the mod inside the /base directory of game...then launched it (as it says in the info file)...but it just wasnt listed under MODS!?...and even if I start the game anyway...its just the same good old DOOM3...[:@][8D][;)]

Anyone has more info about installing those mods? Please step forward...[:D]

I just dont have enough time and patience to play arround with them anymore....I will rather wait for DOOM 4! [;)][:D][:D]

Leviathan -> RE: Lots Of New Mods For DOOM 3! (8/30/2004 7:14:39 AM)

Forget about Doom 3 mods. Half Life 2 is coming soon!

SiliconFreak -> RE: Lots Of New Mods For DOOM 3! (8/30/2004 9:59:05 AM)

I was trying to say that Leviathan! [:D][;)] Doom 3 is history...HL2 is future! [;)]

I am waiting for Half-Life 2 also! ATI 4 EVER! [8D][:)]

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