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wnc -> nero and .cda? (11/21/2002 4:34:33 AM)

I have made an Audio CD with Nero It burned successfully and the CD is good. When I copy an individual .cda file from the CD to my hard drive, the copy is successful, but when click the file, Windows Media Player 7.1 says that it can't play the file though it player the file when it was in the CD. Is this normal?

john -> RE: nero and .cda? (11/21/2002 12:12:13 PM)

.cda are not real files but virtual extensions of an audiocd. In order to rip an AudioCD you need an utility like CD DAE or EAC (or even Nero can rip AudioCDs->WAV or AudioCDs->Mp3)

CCampbell -> RE: nero and .cda? (11/25/2002 11:06:41 PM)

Or of course use Nero's Recorder>Save Track feature to extract it.

But as John says, you must use some form of ripping software to save to your HD in Audio format.



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