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sp -> Web Site Problems / Suggestions (8/11/2004 12:32:02 PM)

I welcome the readers of our site to post here any problems they encounter with their browsers when navigating our site.

I also welcome any suggestions they might have towards improving the layout and overall presentation.

We are aware of some glitches and we will try to fix them in the coming days, but in any case we need your advise and critisism...

This mainly concerns the main web-site and not this forum, since we are not the original developers of it.
We must exclude the forum cookie problem which is being discussed in another thread.

aelus -> RE: Web Site Problems / Suggestions (10/2/2004 8:33:26 AM)

The menu on the main page looks rather bad with enlarged fonts.

And more importantly, since the drive comparison page doesn't work in my browser (firefox), is there another site with similar information you could recommend?


sp -> RE: Web Site Problems / Suggestions (10/6/2004 4:39:02 AM)

Can you post a picture of how the menu looks like in your browser when enlarging the fonts?

As long as I am aware there is nothing similar, yet.
There is an update under development that is expected to work on any browser, but it might take some time before getting this public.

aelus -> RE: Web Site Problems / Suggestions (10/23/2004 3:44:53 AM)


sorry for the late reply,


arith -> RE: Web Site Problems / Suggestions (10/24/2004 10:39:03 AM)

I am expecting to see the support for most of the browser.
At least the Mozilla/FireFox/Netscape to have such support.

Each time if I wanna have some search, then I need to launch IE and wait seconds for its showing up.[&:]

sp -> RE: Web Site Problems / Suggestions (11/4/2004 4:08:42 PM)


We must change the site layout completely in order to fix this.
We will do it as soon as asp.net 2.0 is released, or before that if the next beta is stable enough.

sp -> RE: Web Site Problems / Suggestions (11/4/2004 4:10:38 PM)

Please also note that we have tried hard and know 95% of this site functionality is provided equally well on mozilla and opera.

Unfortunately, due to a major mozilla shortcoming we will not be able to offer 100% compatibility:((

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