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LinuxMarshall -> Test Your Grid Application with VMware! (8/10/2004 9:58:11 AM)

VMware Workstation enables you to create and execute an operating system instance within the confines of a protected environment. You can use this when developing and testing your grid environment in a number of different ways, all without affecting the host computers and enabling you to roll back installations, configurations, and other details. Using VMware in this way can also be a valid way of distributing and installing a grid across a network of machines, without affecting their operation, and, with a suitably powerful machine, of simulating an entire grid within the confines of just one or two machines.

Source : LinuxElectrons

sp -> RE: Test Your Grid Application with VMware! (8/10/2004 10:28:08 AM)

In most cases, what is more interesting is not what a program is able to do, but rather what is NOT able to do!
(In fact, this is dictum applying to many cases of real life, not just computers.)

In our case, web development, it is vital to know the restrictions of programs like this, so that bugs can be identified and corrected early during development lifecycle and not at the final staging preccesses.

From this respect, any user with experience on this emulator is welcome to comment...

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