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SiliconFreak -> HP ScanJet 5530 Review (8/9/2004 8:37:19 AM)

The new HP ScanJet 5530 revolutionizes the conversion process. It sports an automated one-button photo scanner, essentially a device that automatically sucks a pile of photographs through the scanner one by one. It may not be instant, but it certainly makes it a heck of a lot easier to do. The feeder allows you to automate the scanning a stack of up to 24 photos in under 5 minutes. Ok, so with thousands of photos to scan its not going to be a day at the beach, but it does significantly reduce the amount of time it takes as well as make it a much less painless experience. So far I have managed to scan about 700 photos over a period of a three days, merely leaving the scanner going and reffilling it whenever needed. I was particularily impressed by HP's willingness to integrate with Apple iPhoto instead of forcing the user to rely on an included proprietary software package. Although the scanner does include its own software, which is quite tolerable, it allows you to select a number of different "destinations" for your photos. Upon placing a pile of photos in the photo feeder, the scanner senses them and presents you with a dialogue asking you questions about DPI, destination and more. If you scan to iPhoto for instance, upon completion it pops up a program called HP Photo Dropper (pictured below) with which you merely drag the virtual pile of photos into iPhoto, subsequently importing them.

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