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LinuxMarshall -> Novell's New Enhanced Linux Coming Soon! (8/9/2004 6:28:57 AM)

Novell plans to release its new corporate version of Linux for desktop computers later this year, merging technology from two Linux specialists it acquired.

Embracing the open-source operating system, Novell acquired SuSE Linux this year and Ximian in 2003. Thus far, however, the company hasn't merged the two companies' products with each other or its original software. Now that's beginning to change, evidenced by a product demonstrated at the LinuxWorld Conference & Expo last week.

The prototype was called Novell Linux Desktop. Novell spokesman Bruce Lowry cautioned Friday that may not be the final name.

Source : CNET News

sp -> RE: Novell's New Enhanced Linux Coming Soon! (8/9/2004 5:59:27 PM)

Cogratulations, LM for the accurate and timely delivery of all these info into our forums.

I rarely have time to read these forums, due to my active duties, but some times I visit them just to fix things and be sure things work as expected.

Admitedly, some times your postings catch my eyes and I turn into details mode to read them. For time restrained persons, as me, it is an oasis to find here a compedium of what otherwise I would have spent 2-3 hours per day searching for.

Keep up your good postings!

LinuxMarshall -> RE: Novell's New Enhanced Linux Coming Soon! (8/9/2004 7:55:43 PM)

Thanks SP!

I am glad that I may help members like You to find some interesting Linux-based news [;)] , and I also know how hard could it be sometimes to search for something online. Even harder if You are time restrained (as You said You are). Thats why I do all my best to try to find all atractive news about Linux and post them here.

Also let me just tell You that if You have some question at anytime, regarding any of news posted here (or something else about Linux stuff), dont wait, and just ask. I will gladly answer it (or search for it if possible).

Greetings, LM.

sp -> RE: Novell's New Enhanced Linux Coming Soon! (8/9/2004 8:12:21 PM)

I think you and the other mods (old and new) are already doing a very good job.
We all, again, thank you for this!

LinuxMarshall -> RE: Novell's New Enhanced Linux Coming Soon! (8/9/2004 8:41:08 PM)

[:)] THANKS AGAIN! It's really great to serve such AWESOME members like You! [:)]

Wish You all the best, too! [;)][:D]

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