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LinuxMarshall -> LTSP's 5th Birthsday Release (8/7/2004 1:34:58 PM)

The Linux Terminal Server Project (LTSP) has celebrated its fifth birthday with a new version of its software for server-centric, thin-client computing. LTSP version 4.1 features an easier-to-use installer, a new X server from Xorg, support for local sound, CD-ROM, floppy, and USB mice/keyboards, and lots of other major improvements.

LTSP Project Leader Jim McQuillan lists the following new features in the birthday release:
A new, easier-to-use ltspadmin installer tracks package versions and queries the package repository for relevant updates.

LTSP now uses Xservers and libraries from the Project, rather than the XFree86 project.

Local CD-Rom and Floppy support using Supermount and Samba on the client, and the auto-mounter on the server.

Sound support with esd and nasd. The client-side sound daemons are now included for esound and nasd.

An SNMP agent on the client can be enabled in lts.conf.

The new 2.4.26 based kernel is installed via the ltspadmin utility, as part of the ltsp installation procedure.

New documentation (in html, pdf, and postscript) covers the features of LTSP-4.1 (check for any potential revisions)

LTSP's previous release, version 4.0, came in August, 2003, when a build environment was added.

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