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NyQ -> Burning Hybrid DVD9 (8/5/2004 11:33:19 AM)

I will soon have to burn data on a dvd9 with a pc and it will have to be compatible with MAC. I didn't try it yet but I doubt it work fine the first time. First is it possible ? Cause I read a couple of things and people are always saying to use Toast on a mac to burn hybrid DVD's. Is there any software for pc that can do that.



pcola -> RE: Burning Hybrid DVD9 (9/10/2004 7:50:49 PM)

Try DVD Shrink go to www.afterdawn.com You can change Region Codes and take out parts Of Dvd you dont like. This is an excellent web site.-Warning this Free Software has
Ripper so can copy any dvd but is illegal in U.S. as is DVD X copy platinum 3.2.1 Dvd Shrink is a godsend.

Deleted User -> [Deleted] (9/11/2004 6:37:47 AM)

[Deleted by Admins]

Squirrel -> RE: Burning Hybrid DVD9 (10/21/2004 8:15:50 AM)

I believe this topic is about DATA dvd's, not movies. Data CD's are different for MAC and PC, although it is possible to create a hybrid CD which is readable on both MAC and PC. Since I have no MACxperience, I can't help you further, except that Nero doesn't mention hybrid DVD's. It does mention hybrid CD's however, so maybe for DVD's there's no difference between MAC and PC. Or the function isn't implemented yet.

My suggestion: burn some data to a DVD+RW, using your PC. Preferrably a full DVD of 4.7 GB. Try to read back all the data on the MAC. If you encounter no problems, it should also work for DL DVD+R, assuming that the MAC's drive is capable of recognizing them. If you can't read the DVD at all, or only a part of it, try reading it back in your PC, preferrably not with your burner. If you get the same problems on the PC, it's a bad burn. If the PC can read what the MAC can't, forget your plans.

Don't forget to use +RW for your test. First: '+' because DL is '+' too, although DL differs quite a bit from SL, even on the first layer. Second: RW is less reflective than R. Also is DL. Third: if the test fails, erase the disc and re-use it. No coasters...

Iggy -> RE: Burning Hybrid DVD9 (10/21/2004 12:49:56 PM)

Bitsetting is much importand.

Hybrid DVD9 is nothing more than Double Layer media with double capacity than a usual media. Personaly I don't believe you'll have problems with Mac. The only matter will be the software.

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