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SiliconFreak -> Korea - Hotbed Of Spam (8/5/2004 9:26:59 AM)

Korea is a hotbed of spam email, a company that tracks the online plague said.

U.S.-based The Spamhaus Project, which also works with law enforcement agencies to pursue spammers, ranked Korea third in its 10 worst spamming countries as of July, after the United States and China.

The company said there are 36 Korean Internet service providers that are used as channels to spread spam email, including KT's kornet.net.

Kornet placed third on the worst service provider list, with Hanarotelecom Inc.'s hanaro.com, ranking ninth.

Spamhaus said 12 kornet-based IP addresses in June, four in July and one in August were added to the Spamhaus Block List, a database of direct spam sources, bringing the number of kornet-based spam sources to 124.

Hanaro had 16 IPs in June, 19 in July and three in August newly placed on the block list, bringing its total to 75.

A Korean Internet service provider official said networks are limited in their ability to block spam mail because senders change IP addresses frequently.

Source : HeraldMedia

Matthew -> RE: Korea - Hotbed Of Spam (8/7/2004 5:47:08 PM)

In some spam blockers, there's an option to select (using a DNSBL list by country) to block all of China/Korea - an excellemt idea, unless you actually have any contacts in the area.

While Korea is rotten with spam (mostly insecure proxies on cable ISPs with no worthwhile complaint procedure), China is ROTTEN TO THE CORE with spammers websites, though not that common a source of the spam itself.

Brazil, Argentina and some others are also pretty bad, though US cable ISPS are as big a source as any, and often just as unresponsive!

It's time for PREVENTION rather than cure, making it impossible for such proxy abuse to occur, or dropping the shutter automatically on huge bursts of SMTP.

SiliconFreak -> RE: Korea - Hotbed Of Spam (8/7/2004 8:57:23 PM)

Matthew You are absolutely right!

Thats one of the reasons I dont travel to those countries that much...[:D][:D][:D]

No, really...SPAM IS and WILL BE a huge problem in months,years to come...unless someone builds some very efficient protection against it...but then again...there are some quite good spam blockers available on the market already...and if we believe the saying that "...at the end Good always wins against Bad-Evil"...we have nothing to worry about...[;)]

Still better to occasionally receive some nice SPAM email...than to receive some destructive new virus that crashes your PC and destroys some important documents inside...what do You think? [:D]

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