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PROVIDENCE, R.I. (Reuters) - "Athens 2004," the new Olympics simulation for the PlayStation 2 (news - web sites), isn't going to win any medals. But for fans of the sports it features, it's a passable distraction until the opening ceremonies on Aug. 13.

Be forewarned: You'll need to do some world-class button-mashing to be worthy of the gold in this $40 console game from Sony.

Take the swimming simulations. To speed through the water, you must rapidly alternate between the "O" and "X" buttons on the controller. And I mean insanely rapidly. Even when I used two hands to try to increase my speed, it wasn't enough to get me anywhere close to winning a medal.

Unfortunately, you also have to use a third button to tell your swimmer when to breathe. If I had been in control of a real contestant, the guy would have drowned because I was so busy pummeling O and X.

Other simulations are less intimidating.

My family and I had a great time competing in the skeet-shooting event. But again, the game requires great reflexes to get better scores than the virtual Olympians. The same was true for the archery simulation.

My daughter, a horse fanatic who occasionally appears in shows, was not impressed with the equestrian simulation, judging it as difficult to maneuver.

There are no big-name athletes in the game, and the commentators are annoyingly redundant. It's best to turn off their play-by-play before the repetition makes you want to get in a boxing ring and punch someone.

Boxing, by the way, is one of many sports not available in "Athens 2004." Of the 34 categories listed on NBC's Olympics Web site, the game only covers seven. In addition, only men shoot skeet, and only women ride horses. The only gymnastics options are floor exercises, rings and vaulting.

Earning points in the floor exercises involves pushing the correct directional arrow keys in time with the music. Unfortunately, you sometimes must push two keys simultaneously, which is nearly impossible because of the design of the PlayStation controller. You'll need a special dance mat that plugs into the PS-2 (and costs $20 to $50) to get a decent score on that event.

As in real life, it's not easy getting the gold.

"Athens 2004" is rated for everyone.

Source : Reuters

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It seems it's in the correct timing...

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