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yasha -> Ridata/Riteks for only $44.10 shipped (8/3/2004 2:53:01 PM)

Hi all,

I saw this deal and wanted to know if anyone bought these and what the reccomendation would be? I have read mostly good things about these Ritek/Ridata's but also read some stuff about Ritek, so I wanted to know what people suggest. For this price, i'd like to get at least 100. The deal from shop4tech is a 100 pack for $44.10 with free shipping included. The coupon code for 10% off to get that price is "DN10" but I read that's only good til' Friday, August 6th.

If some wouldn't mind posting their experiences with these, that would be appreciated as I'm gonna wait to read feedback before I buy, but I haven't seen this price this low on Riteks ever.

Here's the link to the deal. http://www.shop4tech.com/user.htm?go=view_item&id=2549&cata=1&s_cata=88

Thanks in advance for any helpful info.

emperor -> RE: Ridata/Riteks for only $44.10 shipped (8/3/2004 3:42:29 PM)

Moved to onlineshops forum...

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